Children's Luggage

Children's luggage is a necessity for any parent looking to go on vacation with their kids. Having separate suitcases, duffel bags, or backpacks makes it easier for kids to get at toys, and for parents to keep track of their clothes. Wheeled bags can be pulled by the children themselves, leaving you with fewer things to carry yourself.

So what should I pack? What does children's luggage consist of?

Children tend to get bored quickly and fuss more than adults during long, tedious car or airplane trips, and therefore they'll require more entertainment. And the younger they are, the greater chance of them getting bored. While most adolescents or adults are content with mp3 players or gaming consoles and other small gadgets, you just can't count on the little ones to have fun tapping away at keypads. Besides, you can't always trust them with expensive gadgets in the first place.

Throughout trips that last for three hours at least, they'll need toys to entertain them. They don't have to be toys that are big and bulky, most of the time young children only need stuffed plush toys or action figures to keep them occupied for the excursion.

Another necessity that should always be present among children's luggage is extra clothes and underwear. They make up most of the bulk of children's luggage, but it should be noted that children need to have more clothes since they have to change out of them more frequently than older people (not to say that older people don't have to change clothes, of course). For instance, you can't count on a three-year old to tell that he feels the call of nature and will have to get off your car. If all else fails, though, you can use nappies for kids who have not been potty-trained yet. T-shirts dripping with sweat won't do either, so make sure to set aside some extras for the trip.

Children often get cold easier than adults, so keep a jacket handy in case it rains while you're on your way to your vacation spot. You don't want your kids' holiday full of beach outings or country visits with other relatives and other fun activities ruined by colds or fevers.

Medicine shouldn't be forgotten too, in case of small ailments like cough or colds. For asthmatic children, they need their inhaler or nebulizer everywhere they go.

How am I supposed to carry children's luggage with the rest I have?

Children's luggage doesn't necessarily have to be too big, as their belongings can be placed in backpacks, tote bags, small suitcases, rolling bags and such. To be able to withstand rough movements during the trip, they should be made of quality material. They'll be of better value, too if the material they're made of is durable and can last for years.

Quite popular children's luggage pieces are rolling bags. These are bags on wheels which have expandable handles for ease of use. Bringing rolling bags requires less effort than carrying heavy backpacks or suitcases, as they can be wheeled along instead of carried. The expediency in bringing this kind of children's luggage makes it a good option. They can be used even in school, while lugging heavy books and other school stuff with them. A very well-known model of the rolling luggage is the Trunki, which is made of tough plastic material. It has a pull cord that is very easy to grip. The Trunki also comes in blue or pink. Its wheels are smooth and allow it to go through tiles and even carpet. But what makes the Trunki so special is that it allows the kid to ride on it whenever they get bushed. This model, though, does not have any side pockets on it and its size limits the amount of things that can be packed in it.

Where can I buy quality children's luggage?

Bags for children's luggage are generally found in department stores and children's stores. You may even find bags for children at outdoor camping shops. Children's luggage bags are also sold online for reasonable prices.

Some good sites you can refer to when shopping for children's bags are, NexTag and EBags. Another site called lets children customize their own bag, ensuring satisfaction.


Children's luggage is something you can never count out when on a trip with kids. So provide them with all they'll want and need during the trip, and you can be sure to enjoy your time together.