Are you looking for Chronicles of Riddick contact lenses that will perfectly compliment your halloween costume or special assassin outfit? Did you know there are specially designed chronicles of riddick contact lenses modeled exactly after the popular movie character played by Vin Diesel? You have a few options when you are trying to get your hands on these specialty contact lenses, depending on how much you are willing to spend and exactly how accurate to the movie you want them to appear. 

Buying special silver Chronicles of Riddick Contacts Lenses from

Now, amazon doesn't quite have the exact match for the unique chronicles of riddick contact lenses, but they do carry silver colored contact lenses which will do in a pinch, or if you're not excessively picky. You can check them out here. One important thing to understand about these special silver contact lenses is that the way in which they are manufactured makes them viable for only 30 days. After this period their effect will begin to fade out. At the modest price point of around $20 for one cosmetic set, this is a reasonable option if you just want to show off your Riddick costume once or twice or to a couple of costume parties within a month long period. Otherwise, if you were hoping to add a more permanent solution to your costume repetoire, you want to hold off for some of the more expensive chronicles of riddick contact lenses options. 


Getting Your Chronicles of Riddick Contact Lenses from 1800 Contacts .Com

The next option for securing your chronicles of riddick contact lenses online is to head over to This mega site specializes in shipping both prescription based and non-prescription based contact lenses and specialty contacts. The closest match to chronicles of riddick contact lenses they offer are the white out contact lenses under the Wild Eyes brand. Be forewarned that these specialty contact lenses are often listed on their webpage but are not always accessible from the site alone.

Chronicles of Riddick White Contact Lenses

You may have to call into their call center to have a live agent help you process the order. Also keep in mind that will require you to submit a valid eye prescription for your chornicles of riddick contact lenses, even if you are just picking them up for cosmetic or costume purposes. 

Once you have gotten your special lenses you are just about ready to make your big debut as your favorite nightvision-blessed butt-kicker. If your committment to the role is pure, of course, you will also consider getting a bald wig or just shaving your head!