Buying Clear Poly Bags for Home and Industrial Use

Clear poly bags are endlessly useful and essentials for many businesses and individuals that parcel out or sell small items ranging from metals to little cookies. Good quality clear poly bags can be made to FDA and USDA specifications, which mean they are suitable for bagging food and edible products or medicines. You can buy bulk clear poly bags to make sure you'll always have a plentiful stock on hand for when you need to bag up purchases or small objects. These clear plastic bags are perfect for hardware stores, bakeries, variety shops, and small mom and pop stores.

Buying Bulk Clear Poly Bags to Save Money

The nice thing about buying many clear poly bags at once is that you'll get a break on the unit price of each. Buying in bulk will also give you a good shot at free shipping or at least shipping discounts. Usually a carton of clear poly bags will run you about $20 for 1,000 bags. You can order massive quantities, however, and sometimes discuss the price quote directly with the manufacturer.

Hardware stores have a lot of great uses for clear poly bags. For one thing, most major hardware stores have an entire aisle or at least a large bay that features loose nuts, bolts, fasteners, wire goods or small magnets. You can hang clear poly bags on hooks nearby to where the loose product is sold, so that customers can bag up their own purchases and write the item numbers or UPC's onto the bags for checkout. Thanks to the extreme strength of these see through plastic bags you can feel confident that the hardware nuts and bolts won't tear or fall through them.

Another excellent use for clear poly bags is in candy stores. When your customers come through and pick out various candies, you can set out plenty of clear poly bags for them to collect their goodies in. Because these high quality clear poly bags meet FDA and USDA requirements for holding food, you can use them for bagging up any kind of candy or treat. If you cook up a large batch of brownies or other delectable baked goods and you want an inexpensive way to distribute them to co-workers, you can place them in clear poly bags and hand them out. That way, you never have to worry about chasing down your friends, neighbors and co-workers for tupperware you need them to return, and the recipients of your treats will be glad to eat from clean and individual baggies.

If you're holding a garage sale and you have a lot of little items on a table that people are keen on buying, you can set out a large box of clear poly bags for them to take their small purchases away with. This will make people more likely to buy your goods because they'll have a comfortable means of taking them away with them.