Best Places to Find Used Books for School

If you’re in college and need to be conscious about how you spend money, you’re probably looking for places to buy college textbooks online cheap. The average price for college books can range from $500 to nearly $1000 dollars depending on what books you need for school.

Ten years ago, most students had few choices when it came to buying college text books for cheap. They typically had to rely on the school book store and their own personal inventory of used books. Even some used college textbooks; typically science and technology aren’t cheap even when they are used.

But today, there are so many other options when it comes to buying textbooks online that are also cheap. You now don’t have to only rely on your local school bookstore to sell you a used book. You can create your own opportunity for getting the best prices for college text books both on and off line.

Here Are the Top Ways Get the Best Deal for College Text Books

  • Organize Your Own Personal Used College Text Book Program at School: This is actually not as hard as it seems. But you can run your own online school classified or even make arrangements with students ahead of time who are taking classes that you want to take. Remember that if you want the cheapest price for your used textbook, you’ll need to require that it be in virtually any condition, as long as all the pages are intact of course. But remember that you won’t be too picky when it comes to the condition, if you are looking for a really cheap school text book.
  • Go Online to Auction Places like Ebay: Ebay of course is one of the more obvious ways to get a cheap textbook online, especially it is an auction. Look for expired auctions as well, where the seller was not able to sell. Sometimes you can make a really low offer, if the seller just wants to get the books off their hands.
  • Consider Renting your Textbook: Of course you get a cheap price if you consider renting for shorter terms like 30 to 60 days at a fraction of what it would cost to buy the book. If you are a great note taker, you can commit to reading the book and making notes in your notepad and never have to pay for your college text book. Remember that when you rent your textbooks, you’ll need to keep them in the best condition possible.
  • Get a Free College Textbook: Sometimes you don’t even have to pay for a college textbook. Many online book companies like Apple and even Amazon offer free books, especially historic texts online in e-print. This may work if you need an old book, currently out of print. You may also want to check online at Google Books for the full book in e-format for free.

As you can see, you don’t have to rely on traditional ways to buy cheap college books.  The internet has opened up a lot of avenues that weren’t there before. You should also consider renting books, especially if the college book you need is really expensive, like biology or law.

Thankfully you have a ton of options when it comes down to you wanting to buy college textbooks online cheap.