After I read an article about viable products to buy as Christmas gifts. I thought writing about silver soap would be a great idea. I don't mean to just buy it as a holiday gift, but to purchase it as a habit. I have included some information about the best face wash out on the market.

You may buy silver soap on the Internet. A company called Cor based in Boston, MA sells them. Their URL is and note they also sell their soap in about ten countries. It is made with natural ingredients coming from chitosan, collagen, sericin, silica, and silver. Cor's patented delivery system allows the ingredients to get to the core of the most problematic skin issues. The silver soap involves a single-step process that efficiently works to achieve grand results for your facial skin.

Functions of Silver Soap

The silver soap involves just a single-step process that cleans and works efficient to help consumers achieve grand results for one's facial skin. It is capable to decreases the appearance of sun spots and pore size, evens out the skin tone, maintains each skin's natural moisture factor, protects against the hazardous effects of exposure to the sun, removes make up, and visibly reduces the signs of aging.

Most important of all, this silver soap is suitable for all skin.

There are no customer reviews for the travel size of Cor Silver Soap, but the tiny size of 0.34 oz. has five reviews. It received 4 five-star reviews and 1 three-star review. In August 2008, a customer who gave the product 5 stars wrote that the Cor soap is the best face wash. It started to work right away, and it works for any skin condition. It was putting collagen back onto the person's skin. The reviewer also stated the soap melts in water kind of like Neutrogena soap. Thus, special care of the soap could solve that problem. Two people found that review helpful. Another five-star review was written on March 2009, and it had one person finding it helpful. To shorten the long review, I will share that the person had find the silver soap useful for his/her two-decade old acne problem. It even worked with the part of the face that he/she picked on by making his/her face lighter. For that person, one travel bar lasted for about 15 day.

Another 5-star review created on January 2009 stated that the silver soap worked well for his/her hormonal acne. The person stated he/she received facial, peels, and microderm treatments that only made her face looked better. His/her face is now clear after buying the silver soap one month ago. The last 5-star review to mention was created on September 2010. The person loved the item. It makes the skin glow, and it even out his/her skin tone. It's worth the price, says the reviewer.

The 3-star review was created on June 2009, and it didn't have anyone find it helpful.

The Cor Silver Soap that comes in at the size of 1.06 oz. has two customer reviews. It has 1 five-star review and 1 one-star review. In regards to the five-star review, the person said the soap took off make up, including the ones for the eyes, without any side effects. The person has sensitive skin, and stated the soap evens the skin tone right off the bat, clears acne, and leaves your skin perfectly balanced. Furthermore, the person said when using it, you rub it on your hands for a second and spread the foam on your face. You wait three minutes and let it swirl around on your skin. Then rinse a second later. With the soap, there's no need for a moisturizer at night unless your skin is dry. The product is worth every penny he/she bought it for. Lastly, he/she suggested trying the mini-bar if you're not completely convinced. One person found this review helpful.

For the one-star review, two people found it helpful. All the person stated was three travel size bars for the silver soap is cheaper than the one for the 1.06 oz. size.

There was a review for the silver soap for the travel size, but the page didn't state the weight of it. The particular review was written on May 2010 by a frequent traveler. The person was able to go through the airport security quickly with the soap since it is not liquid. The soap lathered well when the reviewer needed to use it.

Beauty Snob

There is a review of silver soap manufactured by Cor on this URL: Beauty Snob Tina is the person that wrote the review. This is her second time trying the product. In 2008, she refused to knowledge its worthiness after using it a few times and not being impressed with it. She was convinced it is a reliable product to use when her friend said it took only a week to get rid of her eczema, blemishes, and adult acne problems. Moreover, it has continually improved with use. Tina saw her friend when they had a lunch date with other women. That friend even brought samples of the soaps for $14 for everyone at the table.

Tina said the soap removes make up, and it is a convenient one-step solution that results in soft, youthful and clear skin. As an anti-bacterial agent, silver works well for it. The bacteria's ability to transfer oxygen through its cell walls is blocked to hinder collagen damage and loss.


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