Customized NHL hockey jerseys are available for all of your favorite teams - whether you're into American or Canadian professional hockey you can find a genuine National Hockey League jersey that will show off your team pride while also providing you many years of faithful service. But did you know you can order custom hockey jerseys to ensure the ultimate in comfortable fit? There's no reason to lay down the extra cash to get authentic ice jerseys if you're only going to get pinched and scratched because your new sports garment doesn't fit you correctly. 

Get Customized NHL Hockey Ice Jerseys

Check out this great San Jose sharks hockey jersey that shows off the bright blue, black, white and yellow of the Sharks. You can wear this one with pride and extra comfort because it will have been custom tailored to your unique size. 

When you order a custom NHL jersey, you first pay the base rate for the original garment itself, and then pay extra for the specialized tailoring that will make it to your personal specifications. There are several different places you can buy customized hockey jerseys from. 

Getting Custom NHL Jerseys From Specialty Shops

Specialty shops that carry sporting goods and equipment will often have embroidery department in the back that will do special lettering on your jersey for an extra fee. If you buy the jersey or apparel in the shop you can often get a discount on any of the customization work you'll order there. 

Getting Your NHL Jersey and Custom Work Done Separately

Sometimes the cheapest way to get your own name put on the back of your favorite sports jersey is to get the clothing as cheaply as possible first. Order it from a warehouse online or off eBay to get the best deal on the garment. Next, head into your local mall and find the embroidery kiosk and get a quote for having your own name stitched onto the front or back. This way, you have some freedom to shop around without having to commit to one (likely overpriced) package deal. 

Doing Your Own Custom Jersey Work at Home

For the bravest and boldest of the DIY crowd out there, you can take a sports jersey you already have and outfit it with the help of iron-on letters and numbers to achieve the name you want on the back panel. Check to ensure that the kind of heat-adhesive lettering you're going to use will stick well to the material your jersey is made from. Usually, these kinds of letters are applied by way of a iron set on low heat and passed gently and steadily over the letters that are layed out over the garment to be stamped.