DVD Mailers for Sale

Buy Cheap DVD Mailers to Safely and Easily Ship Movies and DVD's

If you've ever wanted to mail a great movie to a friend or family member living far away, you know how tough it can be to find the perfect packaging to get your DVD there in good shape. Digital video discs, just like CD's are extremely delicate and just a single solitary scratch in the wrong place on the media side can render the disc totally useless. It won't run in any of your machines and it will be about as useful as a shiny piece of plastic. Protecting your DVD's so that they show up at their destination in top working order is important - if you can't ensure they'll be working when they arrive, then what's the point? If you have reason to ship DVD's to friends and family members, you may want to consider DVD mailers to safeguard your media during transport. Another great reason to keep a good stock of DVD mailers on hand is if you have a fledgling business that sells video games, music CD's or movie DVD's. It's absolutely essential to your business's success that you can deliver your product in perfect condition and good working order each and every time. No customer likes to pay upfront and wait several days for their product only to find that it's too scratched to be read by their device!

Buying DVD Mailers in Bulk to Save Money

If you already have a small business that ships out CD's or DVD's on a regular basis, you should definitely stock up on DVD mailers to ensure you'll always have enough on hand to process big orders when they come through. The other advantage to buying DVD mailers in bulk is that you can save yourself a good chunk of change by getting a lower per unit price. DVD mailers are cheaper when you buy them in bulk, and they are also easy to ship and receive because they can be flattened and unfolded when they first ship. This allows the DVD mailers manufacturer to send more of them for less money and using less space, which will in turn cost you less in shipping fees.

Other Great Uses for DVD Mailers


Even if you don't have a business that directly sells DVD's or CD's you can still make great use of DVD mailers. For one thing, if you're ever trying to promote or gain attention for a new idea, method, product or prospective business, you can get some great exposure by making an introductory DVD that showcases your offering. If you have the technical skills, you can make your own promotional DVD about your business idea or product, then package them up in DVD mailers and ship them off to businesses or individuals you think would be interested in your presentation. You can use DVD mailers to garner the support and interest of potential investors and make your business idea seem sleek, modern and professional.


If you've got close family members that unfortunately live far away, but you still want them to be able to share in the experiences of a new baby or other significant life event, you can take home recordings on your digital camera or camcorder, transfer them to your computer and quickly burn DVD's that contain a nice collection of home videos. Package these up in DVD mailers and ship them off to all your family members for the perfect inexpensive and heartfelt holidays gifts.