Modern designers have combined style with comfort. You can find designer maternity jeans that look great and they won't make you sacrifice an ounce of comfort. Being pregnant is uncomfortable enough on the body, you don't need a pair of jeans that makes it even worse.

You might be pleasantly surprised to find you can wear jeans that are similar to your regular style, yet made for a child bearing mother. They even leave room for expansion as you get later into your pregnancy and your belly continues to grow. They will literally grow with and you continue to look as good as they did the first day you bought them. Whatever style you prefer, there are designer maternity jeans that will fit your eye.Designer Maternity Jeans

Varieties of Maternity Jeans

Whether you're into skinny jeans, ripped, faded, or cut off denim jeans with a flare bottom, you can find what you're looking for. Basically any style jean you can think of will also come in a maternity selection.

What Makes Them Maternity Jeans?

Maternity jeans are built for comfort. As the baby begins to grow, and get heavier, it is going to put pressure on different parts of your body that have never been pressured before. If you want to look nice and be comfortable, designer maternity jeans are built to redistribute the weight of the baby and look good too. Maternity jeans have a stretchy top that wraps over the top of your pregnant belly. This is to eliminate any resistance from the top of your jeans. It also creates a point of support for your belly.

How To Make Your Own Maternity Jeans

If you're the seamstress type you might be able to make your own designer maternity jeans. You'll need a rather large piece of elastic material that is comfortable on your skin. When you have that you will want to cut out the front of your jeans and sew it in. It will be sewn in all the way around your jeans so it can support your entire lower torso.

A google search for designer maternity jeans will give you an accurate visual indication of what you're trying to accomplish when you're making your own. The key is finding the right material that is stretch enough and comfortable enough. It will be directly touching your skin for long periods of time, so you need to be completely sure it is comfortable. Getting the wrong fabric can cause skin irritation.

Maternity Jean Designers

Just like regular fashion, there are maternity clothing designers. While I would argue maternity clothes are regular clothes, maternity designers have a special understanding of what a pregnant woman needs in a fashionable piece of clothing. The existence of an uncomfortably heavy belly that sticks out creates a unique challenge for any designer trying to maintain some level of style.

Current-Elliot is a well known blue jeans designer that offers a cut-off variety of denim. They provide a ripped look that some people call the "distressed look." They are known for their combination of comfort and fashion. They stretch with you as your bell grows later into your pregnancy. This is great because you won't out grow them and impose any unwanted costs.

How Much Do They Cost?

When you're pregnant you have the looming costs of an upcoming child. You'll need diapers, food, and clothes for the new born. This makes it extremely important to save every penny when you're pregnant. Building a maternity wardrobe is essential, but it only serves a temporary purpose. Make sure you are comfortable with how much your designer maternity jeans cost before you buy them. Consider that you will only be wearing them for a short period of time and spend what you're comfortable with.

Maternity clothes are traditionally the same price as regular clothing. The fact that you only wear them for a short period of time does not make them any less expensive. You'll probably get a lot of hand me downs and second hand maternity clothes so buying a few regular priced items might not be such a bad thing.

Where Can You Buy Designer Maternity Jeans?

There are a number of maternity specific online retailers to choose from. My favorites are, and Each of those offer a wide variety of maternity clothing. You don't have to sacrifice the comfort of designer jeans when you're pregnant. Shop around and find a practical pair of designer maternity jeans that you'll grow to love.