buy diamonds online

Buy Diamonds online including Round diamonds, marquise, pear, princess, baguettes, heart, oval, emerald and trillion diamonds. All these can be bought online these days and for much cheaper prices then from direct shop dealers.

Buying diamonds online has increased in popularity in recent years. A vast number of people are opting to buy diamonds online rather then from a mall or shopping centre as it's simply much safer to do so. If you have never bought diamonds online previously I am going to outline a few things to help you buy some really pretty diamonds!

Firstly you need to run a search for good online diamond retailers and you can even buy diamonds wholesale too. I would normally take a closer look at those who come up on the front page as these are normally the best and most reliable. Look at about ten different websites before narrowing your favourites down to 3 or 4 websites.

Once you found a website that looks good you should pick your diamonds. Pay good attention to the carat weight, the colour and the type of cut. Diamonds such as heart cut diamonds are extremely popular if buying for a lady. Once you have found a diamond you like the look of you need to start comparing prices. Make note of the price on the website then go to a website such as price scope and type in the diamonds details. This will give you an average selling price for this type of diamond. If the price is pretty accurate then you have found a good priced diamond and you should consider making your purchase.

Once you have bought them and they have been delivered its important you take the diamonds to an appraiser so he can verify their quality. This is the most important part as you don't want to have spent thousands of dollars for something which is a dud. In most cases the diamond will be fine and you can enjoy presenting or maybe wearing your new gift.

Just remember that when buying online you should always double check the websites returning policy. If you can't find it on the website then simply email them to find out what their policy is. In most cases a reputable company will offer refunds however if you spot a website that does not offer a refund then this is a big sign to stay well away.

There is a quick lowdown on how to buy diamonds online. A great place to buy diamonds online and save money is from Amazon, their diamond range wellworth having a look at.