Discount Bowling Shoes With Upscale Quality

So you've been looking at all the stores and you can't find anything in the way of good bowling shoes for less than $50; well, maybe you haven't been looking in all the right places. There are several online stores that will sell bowling shoes at deep discounts – you just need to know where to look. If you're worried about whether you'll be ripped off if you pay anything less, don't be; some of the top brands have discount bowling shoes the prices of which you won't believe. Shall we?

Discount Bowling Shoes: The Dexter Denominator

A reputed company like Dexter should be able to price its shoes above reasonable rates and get away with it, right? Wrong. You can get a decent model of Dexter, such as the Saber, for less than $25. And the prices go up in an ever so gentle progression to land softly on shoes that are about five times as much, or more. Although it may not have all the latest innovations that the company usually puts into new models, you're still sure that it is backed by the Dexter quality commitment that was made more than 50 years ago, along with the fact that it will have all the tried and tested standards that have worked for several thousands of people. If you're looking to find a great pair of discount bowling shoes, then this might be it. If not, let's keep on looking.

Discount Bowling Shoes: Linds Leverage

Linds is another great brand that you might think only sold bowling shoes in the $60 to $100 range. However, if you look real hard, you'll see models like 'The Wedge', retailing at $30. They have cushioned urethane wedge soles that give the right balance of stability and slide for those picture perfect strike shots. Made from Nubuck Leather, these light-footed lane leapers can have you bowling all night with no discomfort, thanks to the longer padded tongue, and padded collar. It comes with one of three optional patterns for the laces to add that extra touch of personality. These discount bowling shoes are sure to bring you to the center-stage of attention at every game.

Discount Bowling Shoes: Brunswick Bombers

The Brunswick Men's Roller Black is part of another great line of discount bowling shoes. At $28.95 on Amazon, these severe-looking shoes are designed for the ambidextrous bowler – left and right handed. With Micro-fiber slide soles and man-made uppers, these 'shoes of the night' are sure to put the owl back into bowling. With the Brunswick stamp of approval all over them, these great bowling shoes are not only cheap, but well made and extremely comfortable. You'll want to stand all night in these babies. Not for the faint of heart, these black beauties will stand and be counted for sure. Hit the lanes tonight in these foot-huggers and you'll never wear another pair as long as you live.

Discount Bowling Shoes: BSI High Fives

BSI Basics are another safe bet when it comes to the perfect match made between comfort, performance and cost. This great pair of discount bowling shoes retail at $26.95 online – not bad for the extra comfort they provide. Extra padding ensures pain-free ankles at the end of bowling night, and the suede leather sliding outsoles will give you that extra bit of oomph to push you over the performance edge. Frame after frame of walking on clouds with the extra plush insoles and sock lining will keep your feet dry and well protected from blisters. Your spine will thank you for the EVA in these shoes as well. The best part – the embroidered logo that makes the shoes look way more expensive than they really are. Now there's the rub.