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Affordable Gifts for Bridesmaids

As you plan your wedding, remember that your bridesmaids will spend a great deal of time, as well as their own money, to take part in your wedding.  Being a bridesmaid is a great honor; however, it also can be expensive and a lot of work.  Consequently, it is traditional that a bride should give each of her bridesmaids a special gift to show them how much she appreciates their contribution to her special day.  You want the gift to be something that will remind them of all the fun they have had, as well as the special camaraderie they shared with you.  Even though you want to keep your expenses in line, it is important to remember how important these young women have been in your life as you shop for your bridesmaids’ gifts.  With these thoughts in mind, where can you find the best bargains for thoughtful bridesmaid gifts?

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Buy Discount Bridesmaid Gifts at Your Favorite Local Retailer

There are many stores where you could purchase gifts for your bridesmaids.  One of the best known stores, when it comes to weddings, is David’s Bridal Shops.  If you use them to purchase your wedding dress, and perhaps your wedding favors, this can become almost a one-stop shop.  David’s Bridal also has a website at  Some suggestions of what you might purchase at David’s Bridal, and the other retailers mentioned here, are listed later in this article.

You might also shop for bridesmaids gifts at your favorite department store.  Macy’s, JC Penny’s, Nordstrom, and many others sell attractive costume jewelry, and all of these stores have regular sales during which you can often purchase lovely silver or gold jewelry with crystals at reasonable prices.  This is always a thoughtful gift, and it gives you the opportunity to coordinate the jewelry that your bridesmaids will be wearing, too.

Buy Discount Bridesmaid Gifts Online

Some of the best deals for bridesmaid gifts can be found online, through the many different wedding websites that are competing for your money.  First of all, though, you want to be sure to check out what Amazon has available, since they have a huge selection of kinds of gifts for women. 

Quick link to the bridesmaid gifts that are available on Amazon.

You may also want to see the bridesmaid gifts that are available on these other sites, listed below, too: is a popular website that has a wide selection of bridesmaid gifts, as well as gifts for bridal showers and bachelorette parties. is a charming site that sells many affordable gifts for bridesmaids, as well as your other wedding attendants, including the flower girl.  When you are buying gifts for your adult attendants, you certainly don’t want to forget the children! is one of the websites that has been used for several of our family weddings.  We have always been very pleased with our purchases, as well as with all the other wedding information they provide on their website.  They sell their own selection of gift items, and sometimes refer you to local vendors for certain products, too.  When you click on one of their links or ads, you will occasionally be taken to another website.  Although our family has not purchased every product from every vendor connected with, we have been quite satisfied with everything we have bought there.

Sample Ideas for Discount Bridesmaid Gifts

If you are shopping at David’s Bridal, you may want to purchase and give your bridesmaids some of the cute little t-shirts with the word “Bridesmaid” printed on the front in crystal rhinestones.  These t-shirts will be fun for all of them, whether they are wearing them at the bachelorette party, or while rehearsing your ceremony.  David’s Bridal also sells jewelry, jewelry boxes, pretty compacts, picture frames, and other keepsakes that your bridesmaids will love.

As mentioned above, jewelry from your favorite department store is always a popular gift to give your bridesmaids, and it can often be purchased on sale.

Check out for a nice selection of bridesmaid gifts.  You will be able to find everything from spa toiletry bags, bridesmaid clutch bags, bracelets, and personalized canvas weekender tote bags.  This is also a good site to find wedding ballet slippers for your bridesmaids, which allows them to slip out of their high heels when they get to the reception and start dancing.  This is a thoughtful gift that they will use many times after the wedding. In addition, this website sells scarves, shawls, and beach towels, if you happen to be planning a beach wedding.

For very inexpensive bridesmaid gifts, you should check out  They sell a nice selection of bridesmaid gifts, many for less than $6.  Among the items they sell are heart shaped jewelry boxes, crystal perfume bottles, wedding albums, and specially embossed champagne flutes for the maid of honor.  Because their bridesmaid gifts are so cute and affordable, you will definitely want to check them out before making your final decision.

At, you can compare their prices with those at some of the other sites, such as  For example, they also sell bridesmaid t-shirts, cosmetic bags, totes and similar items.  They also sell pink flasks!  They even sell a bridesmaid’s survival kit containing a hair brush, mirror, hair spray, bobby pins, earring backs, stain remover, dancing socks, and much more.  Whether you give them to your bridesmaids or not, having one or two of these survival kits on hand could be a good idea!

Whichever vendor you choose, and whatever bridesmaid gifts you decide to give, you can easily see that there are many special ways you can give your dear friends an inexpensive token to memorialize your special day.

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