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Gifts for the Best Man

If you are getting married soon, some of the purchases you will need to make will be the groomsmen gifts. Most young men do not spend their teenage years longing for the opportunity to be a groomsman or the best man at a close friend’s wedding.  In fact, they may even feel a little shy or uncomfortable with the idea.  If you are about to become a groom, your future groomsmen have agreed to stand up for you because of the friendship and camaraderie they feel for you.  As a result, it is considered thoughtful for the groom to purchase a small present for his best man and each of his other groomsmen.  You want the gift to be something they will appreciate, something that will remind them of the good times you have all had together, and something you can actually afford.  With these thoughts in mind, where can you find the best bargains for thoughtful groomsmen gifts?

Buy Discounted Items at Your Favorite Local Retailer

There are many stores where you could purchase gifts for your groomsmen.  Think about the kind of things you have enjoyed doing with your buddies.  Do you all support a local sports team, go fishing or hunting, play golf or enjoy some other activity together?  Have you all been members of the same sports team, or did you go to the same school?  If so, visit some of the local sporting goods stores or college shops to get little presents for your groomsmen.  Some specific suggestions for what items you might purchase for your groomsmen are listed later in this article.

If you are comfortable going into a bridal shop, you might also go to David’s Bridal.  They operate a chain of stores nationwide, and they also have a website at  They carry a line of reasonably priced items for groomsmen that may be just right for your friends, and less expensive than the types of things you might find at a sporting goods store.

Buy Inexpensive Presents Online

Some of the best deals for groomsmen gifts can be found online, through a wide variety of websites.  Although you may want to choose gifts that are designed just for groomsmen, you might also want to shop at websites that carry hobby and sports items.  First, however, check out the presents for groomsmen on the websites listed below, because many of their gifts are surprisingly affordable.  Using a website will also save you the discomfort of going into a bridal shop to look at the selection of items they have for the groomsmen.  In addition, shopping online will save you time, which could be a deciding factor if you are really busy during the weeks leading up to your wedding.

The first site you may want to try is Amazon.  They have an extensive selection:

Quick link to groomsmen gifts on Amazon.

Pictured below is an example of the hundreds of potential groomsmen gifts you could find at Amazon.  Below that you find information about some other sites that also sell groomsmen gifts.

Mens Toiletry BagCredit:

Here are additional sites where you can purchase groomsmen gifts: is a popular website that has a wide selection of groomsmen gifts, as well as gifts for bachelor parties. is an exceptionally affordable site that sells a nice variety of presents for groomsmen. is another reputable website with a good selection.  Listed below are some specific ideas for groomsmen gifts that you might consider, or that might give you some good ideas.

Sample Ideas for Discount Groomsmen Gifts

As you decide what presents to get for your friends, have a little fun with your choices.  When our nephew got married, his groomsmen were his surfing buddies, and he had a beach wedding.  Although the groomsmen wore tuxedoes, they also sported new white flip-flops on their feet, joking that “you could get them into monkey suits, but you couldn’t make them wear shoes.”  Of course, they would have worn shoes if he had asked them too, but they had a lot of fun with this little touch of casualness.  When one of our son-in-laws got married, he and all his friends were San Francisco Giants fans.  As soon as the ceremony was over, he passed out Giants baseball caps to each of them.  Be creative in your choices, too.  Here are some other great ideas.

If you are shopping at David’s Bridal, you may want to purchase and give your groomsmen beer mugs or leather flasks that have been personalized with their names and the date of your wedding.  Other personalized items that they sell include Army knives, pocket watches, cigar humidors, cuff links, koozies, money clips, and even harmonicas. 

You might also buy your groomsmen some sports memorabilia, if you are all fans of a specific team.  For some ideas of where to buy them, read the article, linked here, “Sports Memorabilia Gifts for Men.”  It gives you lots of ideas, as well as specific websites for purchasing these types of items.

Check out for a nice selection of groomsmen gifts.  They have some unusual items, including a golf BBQ gift set, personalized Pub signs, framed NFL locker room prints, monogrammed wine stoppers, and similar fun items.

For very inexpensive groomsmen gifts, you should check out  They sell horseshoe key chains, beer koozies, personal grooming sets, crystal sailboats, dolphin bottle openers, groomsman champagne flutes, stainless steel shakers and more items, many of which sell for less than $15 each.  This is a great site for heavily discounted groomsmen gifts.

At, you can compare their prices with those at some of the other sites, such as or   They sell a nice selection of barware, sports gifts, golf gifts and picture frames.  They even sell t-shirts with “best man” printed on the front.

Whichever vendor you choose, and whatever groomsmen gifts you decide to give, you can easily see that there are many thoughtful gifts you can give your dear friends that are inexpensive tokens memorializing your special day.  Keep it fun, keep it affordable, and just let your buddies know how much you appreciate their support on your wedding day.

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