Great Laptops For Cheap: To Buy Or Not To Buy

Laptops are nearly as essential as having a car or owning a mobile phone, and if you tell anyone that you don't have a laptop, you're likely to get strange 'are you from this planet' looks. That aside, unless you're constantly online and reachable even when you're on the move, there may be a host of lost opportunities in the way of potential business or even dates with beautiful people. The communication element is extremely strong in today's world, and if you can't hop on the bandwagon, you're going to be left behind. Now that a bleak enough picture has been painted, let's see if we can't get you to shell out a few bucks and get you hooked up to the internet.

Laptops For Cheap: Understanding Your Needs

Buying a laptop is a daunting experience to say the least. Unless you have at least a passing knowledge of configurations, memory, purpose, and in most cases, fashion, it's hard to wade through the ocean of laptops and peripherals and accessories and find what you really need. Unless you're a gamer or a power user, you won't need most of the features that a high-end laptop will offer. You can buy laptops for cheap at a lot of places, including the internet, probably the largest resource pool for laptops; cheap, used, refurbished and reconditioned. Even if you're looking for new laptops for cheap, the internet will be your biggest hunting ground. It's not always a quick and simple process to pick out a laptop for cheap among the hundreds of choices that will be thrown at you. However, a few tips on pricing and configuration should put you on the right track to your destination. It might serve you well to keep in mind what your priority is: speed, applications and tools, or whatever else you feel should be combined with the best price to give you exactly what you need, or at least close to it. It might be useful to decide on a price band and then further narrow down your options using other criteria.

Laptops For Cheap: The Base Models

Most laptops in the $200 to $400 range will usually be sufficient for any general purpose that you may have in mind, such as surfing the net, listening to music, watching videos, and playing games. Though your online experience will mostly depend on the speed of your connection, there are other factors such as weight, screen size, keypad and mouse usability that will either add to or take away from your overall user satisfaction. Good laptops for cheap can give you better performance if you regularly keep your software updated, and your memory clear of any unwanted files. For under $300, a Dell Latitude should be able to provide you with the basic, including an additional feature or two. With a 1 Gig RAM and 14.1 inch screen, this laptop offers Bluetooth and Wireless capabilities, and comes with a DVD-RW optical drive. This is probably one of the better laptops for cheap prices. If you want, you can also opt for peripherals as extras, but the basic laptop should ideally suit your basic needs.

Mini Laptops For Cheap Online: Limited Functionality But Better Deals

If you're looking for very basic features such as just checking your emails and using your Facebook account and such, then a mini laptop might be more sensible. An HP Mini is a good choice; it's fast, light, compact and reliable. The only thing is, laptops for cheap, such as the HP Mini, won't have DVD drives, which is what makes them cheaper to make and lighter by design. They will also have limited storage space, but on the whole, if the internet experience is all you're after, along with some basic tools like MS Office, then this will be a good choice to go with. In general, whether you're buying a new or a used laptop for cheap, online stores will always offer deeper discounts that a physical retail store. Even a retailer like Target or Office Depot will usually give a better deal to its internet customers, mostly because the cost of doing business over the internet is much cheaper, but also because the online market is mostly a buyer driven one, with consumers setting the price for online commodities.

Cheap Refurbished Laptops For Sale

Another way to find discount laptops for cheap is to look at refurbished laptops from various retailers. A refurbished laptop is one which has been returned by a previous owner due to a defect. Instead of trashing these computers, the retailer will fix the problem and resell it. Since it has been sold once before, it cannot be sold as new, and the savings are passed on to the consumer. It is really a win-win scenario, as any price the retailer can get is better than a broken and thrown out laptop, and the consumer can get a fully functional computer below the normal retail price.

One such retailer is Dell. They offer a one year warranty on their refurbished laptops, extendable to three years if the buyer so chooses. If you have any initial reservations about buying a refurbished computer, this should put your mind at ease. Dell also provides free shipping, making the deal that much sweeter for the consumer. They have a reputation for good products and customer service, making it a great place to start shopping for cheap refurbished laptops.

The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 costs only $269. With a 10 inch screen, this small laptop weighs only 2.5 pounds. With 160 GB of hard drive space and 1GB of RAM, this is one cheap refurbished laptop that will meet basic web browsing, word processing, and music playing needs.

There are many places where you can find new, used, and refurbished laptops for cheap. Technology prices are always coming down, while the hardware keeps improving. Even if you don't find something you like this week, keep looking, because chances are within a month or two, you will find a discount laptop for cheaper than you could have imagined.