Mini LED Flashlights: Small Wonders

LED flashlights are one of the most prolific products on the internet, being available in nearly every size, shape and color you could possibly imagine. The cutest of these is the adorable Mini LED flashlight. This compact character is loved by many and is extremely versatile. You can put one on your keychain, keep one on the dashboard of your car, under your pillow for those night trips to the bathroom, and maybe even get a couple for your kids to scare away monsters from under their beds.

Mini LED Flashlight Basics

The price range is as wide as the uses are diverse. Starting at about $3 for a set of 4 mini flashlights, they go all the way up to $50 for combo versions that have an in-built camcorder and voice recorder. They come in a variety of LED array set ups – single, clustered and linear. The number of LED bulbs in a flashlight will determine how bright it is, but even a mini LED flashlight with a single LED is quite bright, and can have a throw of up to a quarter of a mile or so – more than enough to make your erstwhile toe-stubbing midnight walks to the fridge safe as they can be.

Gordon Mini LED Flashlight: 12 Light Years In The Bag

The Gordon 4-inch 9 LED cluster mini LED flashlight beats all price barriers; at $2.97, it may well be the most cost-efficient piece on the market. It comes with in a standard black, and guarantees a lamp life of up to 100,000 hours or nearly 12 years of continuous usage. There's an attached lanyard to go around your wrist or for convenient storage for when you need it in a hurry. It's made of lightweight aluminium and can easily fit in your handbag or wallet – of course, with a wallet it might force you to sit at an awkward angle of about 23 degrees so you might just want to use the handbag instead.

Maglite Mini LED Flashlights: It's Never Dark In America

The ever popular Maglite, an American icon from way back, has its own model called the Maglite Mini LED Flashlight, a lifetime investment. Its blue super-bright beam can cut through the darkness like a hot knife through warm butter, personifying their catch phrase 'It's never dark in America'. The flashlight works on 2 AA batteries. And if you thought that a flashlight was just something to light the way then check out the new Maglite XL100, featuring elements that wouldn't be out of place in a science fiction movie. It lights up to a blinding 83 lumens, works two hundred hours on low power and about five and a half on full throttle. It's a patent thief's paradise, with features such as multi-mode operation that will allow you to use it like a night-light, a signaling torch, as well as a strobe light which remembers the strobe rate you prefer. At less than 5 inches long and weighing in at an amazing 3.68 oz, it makes you wonder how they crammed that many features into so little space.

Greatlite Mini LED Flashlight Bundle Offer

Great Neck from Greatlite also has a set of 3 different colored mini LED flashlights. They're perfect for camping as they are weather-proof, and the manufacturer also offers a lifetime limited warranty. You can buy the set of 3 for a discounted price of $10, or a single for under $5.

Mini LED Flashlight: There's One For You

The models are many and the features are phenomenal, so no matter what type of mini flashlight you're looking for and for whatever purpose, a little searching is bound to pay off. When comparing, remember to keep things like luminosity, efficiency, purpose, guarantees, and colors in mind. There is a mini LED flashlight out there for everyone.