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If you are planning to get married, but want to stick with a reasonable budget, where can you purchase discount wedding dresses and still be the beautiful bride you always dreamed of being?  This should be your first step in keeping your wedding costs low.  If you can save money on this major item, you are well on your way to finding other ways to have an affordable, but beautiful wedding day!

Buy Lovely Dresses from

You may be shocked to discover that one place you can order a reasonably priced wedding gown is from  They have a large selection for under $500, and some for under $100.  They sell both long and short dresses, as well as the veils, jewelry and undergarments.  They also have adorable selections for bridesmaids and flower girls.  You will want to check them out.

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Shown below is an example of a David's Bridal wedding gown that is for sale on Amazon.  In addition, you will see more information about Davids Bridal below this photo.

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Wedding Gowns from now has a section on their website promoting gowns that are available for under $100. Actually, most of their choices are $99.99, plus taxes and shipping. However, they have a nice selection of both long and short dresses, and the styles will be updated from time to time. A few of their gowns were actually selling for only $79.99, plus taxes and shipping. Either way, these are excellent prices for wedding dresses!

However, if you want a better selection of discount wedding gowns, and you are able to pay more than $100, you should also check out the sale section at These dresses are more than $100, but they are still heavily discounted. For example, you might see a dress that retails in their stores for $599, and be able to purchase it online for only $349.99, plus shipping and handling. They have a much larger selection of their "sale" dresses than they do those that are "Under $100", and some of them can be purchased for less than $200. Looking online at is a fabulous place to begin your search for affordable wedding dresses. also sells a few David's Bridal dresses.  Here is an example:

Wedding Clothing at David's Bridal Shops

David's Bridal also owns a nationwide chain of shops, and many of the gowns that are available online are also available in their stores. They have nice sales in the stores, as well. One of our daughters bought her wedding dress there, for under $500, and we were very pleased with the quality and appearance of the dress. Before you buy a dress online, from or another website, it may be worthwhile to head into the nearest David's Bridal to spend some time actually trying on their dresses and seeing if they have one available that is perfect for you. Going into an actual store could save you the inconvenience of having to return a dress that doesn't fit quite the way you thought it would, or trying to find someone to alter a dress that you ordered online. However, don't completely dismiss online stores. They do have some great bargains.

Affordable Wedding Gowns at Costco

Yes, this may shock you, but Costco is now featuring bridal trunk shows in their stores. They recommend that you call your local store to find out when the Bridal Event may be coming to a store near you, and they suggest that you make an appointment. They advertise that the dresses they are selling are 40% off. These dresses are sold by an outside vendor at the Costco stores. If you are looking for an affordable wedding gown, it is certainly worth a phone call to see if Costco will be having a wedding sale soon near you. You can also go to and search "wedding dresses" for more information.

Wedding Gowns from

The website advertises a nice selection of discount wedding gowns, including a section consisting of dresses costing under $249.00. They also carry plus size and maternity wedding dresses, as well as dresses that are designed to be more modest. In addition, they sell tiaras, veils, headpieces, jackets to go with your dress and other formal wear, as well.

Wedding Gowns from

You can also purchase your wedding dress at They advertise that they have a collection of over 10,000 dresses available at discount prices, and while browsing through their website, this appears to be true. They have a large number of different collections, and have many choices advertised in the $250 to $500 price range. This site is well worth the time you may spend picking out the perfect gown for your big day.

Wedding Gowns from

This discount online bridal salon has the advantage of live people who will engage you in an online chat, if you feel this will be helpful. They have several elegant gowns advertised, at prices ranging from $99 to a little over $500. They advertise themselves as the world largest online and retail bridal megastore. Whether this is true or not, they did get some excellent publicity in an article in "Us Magazine," mentioning how Jen Schefft of TV's "The Bachelorette" chose their online store for her "Bride on a Budget" article. You can learn more about the $499 dress she chose on their website. They also sell veils, tiaras, headpieces, jewelry and other bridal accessories at reduced prices. One nice feature is that you can purchase dresses from them on layaway, which allows you to select a dress and pay a little at a time until it is paid off. This is certainly very helpful to a bride on a budget!

Buy Your Wedding Gown at a Consignment Shop

Women sometimes resell their wedding dresses at consignment shops. If there is a nice, upscale consignment shop in your area, you may wish to call them to see if they ever handle the resale of wedding dresses. You might be delighted at the great values you can find, and may even be able to purchase an expensive, famous-label designer gown for a fraction of the original price!

Buy Discount Wedding Gowns at Thrift Stores

Many lovely wedding dresses end up in thrift stores. You may be surprised not only to find some modern wedding dresses in places like Goodwill, but sometimes you can also find vintage gowns that were part of an estate. If you find a dress that fits you, you can often get fabulous bargains in thrift stores.

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