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Gifts for the Guests

When you plan your wedding, it is customary to give wedding favors to your guests to memorialize your special occasion.  There is no absolute obligation to do this, but it is a nice gesture.  However, although you may want to give a nice gift, it is not necessary to spend much money.  In fact, for the sake of your budget, it is important that you buy discount wedding favors at low prices, if at all possible.  Pictured below are some bamboo coasters that are inexpensive and fun.  They can be purchased from Amazon, and are sure to delight your wedding guests.

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Listed below are a few locations and websites where you can purchase your favors, as well as some popular party gift ideas.

Buy Inexpensive Gifts at a Local Retailer

There are a variety of shops where you can purchase your wedding favors.  One of the best known stores is David’s Bridal Shops.  You can look at samples of little gifts in their stores, and order them on the same day you pick up your wedding gown or go back for fittings.  David’s Bridal Shops also has a website at

Another well-known national retailer is Michaels.  This art supply shop has a wide variety of small items for sale that could be used as party gifts.  You can go into one of their stores, or you can shop their website at

Examples of the types of items sold by these retailers are mentioned later in this article.

Buy Cute Party Gifts Online

Some of the best deals for wedding favors can be found online, since there are so many different wedding websites competing for your money. is one of the world's largest online retailers, and they have wide variety of potential choices available on their site.

Quick link to thousands of wedding favors on sale at Amazon. is a popular website that has a 5 Star rating for customer satisfaction through Google.  They also have a nice selection of affordable items.

A company that specializes in personalized party favors at bargain prices is  Not only are their gift items affordable, but some of them are quite unique. is another site that promotes their discount wedding favors.  They appear to have some of the lowest prices I have found. is one of the websites that has been used numerous times by members of our family.  We have been very satisfied with the products that we have purchased through them, as well as the budgeting and general wedding information that is available on their website.  They sell their own products, and sometimes refer you to local vendors for certain products, as well.  Occasionally, when you click on one of their links or ads, it will take you to another site.  However, although we have not personally purchased every product from every vendor connected with, we have been very happy with the ones that we have used.

Sample Ideas for Charming Gifts for Your Guests

Since we live near the ocean, one of my favorite wedding favor ideas comes from  They have little silver sailboat place card holders.  Depending on the number that you buy, their lowest unit price is around $1.30 each, plus taxes and shipping.  They come in boxes of four with a box price ranging from about $8 for one box to as little as $4.50 for 48 boxes.  This is a clever gift because it serves a dual purpose … your guests know where they are to be seated, and they can take home a little silver sailboat to commemorate your wedding day.

Also available from is a wide selection of other charming gifts, including picture frame coasters, monogrammed paper napkins, personalized candy tins and more. offers their own selection of affordable wedding favors you can purchase ready-made or in kits.  For example, you can purchase small, monogrammed gift bags from them, which you can then fill with your own candies.  You can do the same with some of their box kits, which you assemble and fill yourself.  They also have small picture frames that can do double duty as place card holders. has frequent sales.  In fact, as I write this they are offering 10% off everything on their website.  If you are interested in buying their favors, and if you have plenty of time, you might pick out what you want and wait a little while to see if they have a sale.  They have an exhaustive list of choices including favors with beach themes, Las Vegas themes, Asian themes, Garden themes and many more.  Their site also has a nice selection of favors for bridal showers and other events. advertises that they have the lowest price guaranteed.  They also have free shipping, which you may want to take into consideration if you are looking for the best price on gifts for your wedding guests.  They also sell picture frame coasters, favor boxes and bags, and silver favors.  One of their more unique favors is a small Cinderella Glass Slipper for each of your guests.  Depending on the quantity, they can be purchased for a little under $3 each.  You could also purchase a lovely silver crown design bookmark for each of your guests for less than $1 each.  Your guests would think of your special day every time they opened their favorite book!

For very inexpensive wedding favors, you should check out  They sell darling seashell place card holders, silver frames, and other favors, many of them available in large quantities for less than $1 each.  They also have a nice selection of attractive items for under $2.

At, you can choose your favors based on your reception color scheme.  They advertise that they have over 550 wedding favors, and this certainly seems to be true.  One popular choice for a casual wedding is their drink koozies.  They can be personalized with the monogram of the couple getting married, as well as their wedding date.  They also sell little monogrammed jars of jam, candles, miniature cakes and similar items.  You can even purchase monogrammed bottles of water from to give your guests.

Whichever vendor you choose, and whatever favor you decide to give, you can easily see that it is possible for your guests to leave your wedding with an inexpensive token to memorialize your special day.

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