Dyno-Thane Bowling Shoes: The New King Of The Lanes

Imagine a bowling shoe where practically everything can be replaced on the move – slider soles, heels, toecaps and even cleats; if you can do that then you've just imagined the reality of 3G / Dyno-Thane bowling shoes. 3G is the new name of Dyno-Thane bowling shoes, after the acquisition of the company by 900 Global, currently the fastest growing company in the industry. Many say that Dyno-Thane shoes are the most comfortable bowling shoes in the world, and certainly the most versatile.

Dyno-thane Bowling Shoes: And In Sole Position…

The top-of-the-line 3G / Dyno-Thane Tour Ultra S3002 are made from Kangaroo leather; hitherto unknown in the common commercial market in North America, this new type of leather is said to be the strongest of any animal hide available, yet soft, flexible and extremely light-weight. Kevlar, the same material that is used to make bullet proof vests has been incorporated into the rubber traction soles – presumably to protect you when you shoot yourself in the foot after a really bad bowling night. The Kevlar Rubber toe cap by DuPont expressly meant for the butter-fingered bowler is an added attraction to this amalgam of components. The solid soles come with three interchangeable replacements – three solid soles made of oilskin leather, backskin leather and Deerskin leather, and one with cleats. The cleats, in turn can be replaced with three types of additional cleats – Teflon, felt and backskin leather. The heel can also be interchanged with grooved, normal flat or backskin leather heels. The Tour Ultra S3002 is available various sizes: right-handed sizes 6.5 to 14, and left-handed sizes 6 to 13. Against a list price of $259.95, these are sold on discount at $159.95 online. Not cheap, but then, the quality and comfort speaks loud and clear.

Dyno-Thane Bowling Shoes: DynoRooz

Another favorite are the 3G / Dyno-Thane ABS Sport Ultra DynoRooz bowling shoes retailing at $199.95 discounted online to $104.95. If you're a professional who would like to have the option of changing the slider soles, heels, and cleats without having to change shoes or even invest in several pairs, then these are very affordable. They even have the new vented insoles for your feet to breathe properly. Considering the permutations possible, it's as good as having several dozen bowling shoes, each for a particular style or purpose. Granted that you will eventually settle into your favorite combination of replacements, it will still give you the options – and in the end that's the important thing for a consumer.

Dyno-Thane Bowling Shoes: Other Siblings In The Clan

There are loads of other fully loaded 3G / Dyno-Thane models like the Sport Deluxe and the Sport Classic with the synthetic uppers for the animal lover, the Sport Elite Cabretta with the smooth black sheepskin usually reserved for expensive golf gloves, the Shuffler with the leather non-slide soles for those who use a shuffle style of delivery, and the special Ladies Sport Classic designed with feminine foot contours in mind.

The popularity of the 3G / Dyno-Thane bowling shoes is nothing short of phenomenal, with some sizes being back-ordered almost on a consistent basis. If you're trying to pick up a pair, you might have to wait a while until they send you the shoes with the new 3G logo. Ever since the acquisition there has been some confusion about the availability of the product on the market. Some people are even saying that the quality would be the same with the new logo – figures! However, the acquiring corporation, 900 Global, is making all efforts to assuage customer fears about altered quality by repeatedly stating that the shoes are exactly the same; only the logo will be different. But then, consumers are a fastidious bunch when it comes to branding, as any experience brand manager will tell you. Still, the last word is always reserved for the guy with the cash, and that's you.