During late spring and summer there seems to be a rush to buy homeschool curriculum and supplies. As late as August, many parents are still plunking down hundreds of dollars to secure the coming school year's materials. If you are one of these parents you may want to rethink your purchasing schedule.

Although it is a cliché, you should take to heart the old proverb, "haste makes waste." Assuming you aren't firmly set on a particular program, begin your hunt for next year in the early part of the current school year. For example, if your child is in third grade, start looking at fourth grade curriculum before Christmas. Plot your purchases using online curriculum review sites, message boards and guides such as Cathy Duffy's Top 100 Picks for Homeschool Curriculum.
Start Buying schoolbooks in January
In January and February, start buying the programs you've chosen. Many publishers discount their offerings during this time of year. A lot of homeschool suppliers also run specials and sales. If you utilize eBay auctions in your curriculum quest, there aren't as many homeschool bidders during these months either. Fewer bidders mean less expensive final bids.

In addition to eBay and online stores, there are many message boards and homeschool forums where parents can purchase curriculum from other homeschoolers. Early in the calendar year, many sellers sharply discount their textbooks to make room for new ones. It is also possible to bargain with sellers on these venues.

Once you have your supplies, you have plenty of time to go over them. You also have time to resell or return them if you find tYour Textbooks Could Be Less Expensivehey do not meet the needs of your homeschool. In this case you would still have time to find a more suitable replacement.

If you are serious about saving money on your schoolbooks and supplies, avoid the rush. Plot your homeschool syllabus early and make your purchases for next year before the current school year ends. You could save yourself a headache as well as a bit of cash.