Cheap electronic medical billing software can bring your small practice or hospital into the digital age, while reducing your costs, helping you to streamline your accounting processes and securing your critical patient data. Most of today's most affordable and robust medical management programs also handle a diverse set of additional tasks that are crucial to the operation of a medical office, private practice or larger organization. Some of these added bonus features include the ability to manage patient scheduling, medical coding and insurance claim submissions and tax accounting. With the advent of cloud computing medical billing technology, there are now programs that will keep themselves updated with all the latest medical and insurance codes. What could be sweeter in terms of keeping your office running smoothly despite rapidly changing medical coding guidelines and insurance claim laws?

What Can Cheap Medical Billing Software Do For You?  

Cloud based medical billing packages are becoming digital swiss army knives: capable of tackling every problem, routine task and snafu a medical practice might ever hope to encounter and even automating their solutions! Companies like ADP are pouring talent, resources and big money into developing comprehensive software that can be served from the cloud to their clients at their offices.

Cloud based medical billing tools have a number of advantages over localized programs. For one thing, they can be up and running within a matter of minutes or hours, as opposed to billing, booking and scheduling programs that require appointments with technicians to install and configure. Meanwhile, multiple workers at one company or site can access patient medical data, make or change appointments and process medical insurance claims remotely because all of the nuts and bolts and databases are pushed into the cloud.

Gone are the days when poor office workers were expected to become emergency network surgeons whenever the system crashed - so that claims could continue to be processed. The other major advantage to the cloud based medical billing system is the price. The software development teams that are compiling these tools are trying to make them as attractive as possible to their prospective clients, and that means controlling spending on new software packages.  

If you represent a medical practice or currently own one, you can look forward to paying a manageable flat rate fee per computer station or employee that uses your electronic medical management software, assuming you opt into all the cloud hype. If you want a localized install of proprietary software to handle and automate your billing, you could be looking at larger initial costs, but, if everything goes smoothly the first time, you’ll only have to pay to get things up and running (and your employees, of course, for all the overtime hours they spend inputting all your data into the new system!)

Just How Cheap IS Cheap?

Many independently published and maintained electronic medical billing software packages will require a one-time upfront payment in addition to regular monthly maintenance fees. EZ Claim health insurance billing programs, for example, cost $99 per month for their standard versions and $139 per month for their super duper premium version.

But prices can range much higher as ADSC’s medical cloud billing solution shows. You can expect to start paying out at $549 per month per health provider! No matter which option you finally settle on, you can expect to receive fairly comprehensive help and support, which is where a lot of your monthly payments will be going anyway. The development companies will assign you a specialist to help you migrate your medical data to the new system while ensuring that the transfer occurs smoothly.

Meanwhile, you will be able to contact a support professional should your medical billing software ever act up or give you trouble after it’s installed and running.