Eljer Toilets

Comfort rooms get their name for their purpose, which is to provide people some comfort when they feel nature's call; and it is implied that while one is to use the comfort room, it should be clean and efficient. And you'll surely find the last two adjectives mentioned in Eljer toilets.

Made by the company called Eljer, Eljer toilets boast of smooth performance. From the coating finish to the flushing mechanism, these toilets do their job well. Sure, everyone needs toilets, and everyone uses toilets more than once a day. But once you get a feel of how Eljer toilets work, you'll be so impressed that you will want to talk about toilets.

What makes Eljer toilets so special?

A common feature among Eljer toilets is the sleek design; you'll notice that they are all great-looking and have certain grandeur, and an edgy, modern look. Choose from the wide selection of Eljer toilets and put one of them in your bathroom, and the whole place will certainly look a lot better.

Eljer toilets are also known for their water-saving features. While most toilets consume quite an average amount per flush, and sometimes the water you use to flush isn't even enough, Eljer toilets use less water and flush better. While using these toilets, not only will you get the best performance among most toilet brands, you will also cut down on water costs.

Installing Eljer toilets

When installing the Eljer toilet of your choice, you can get professional help. But if you want to cut down on labor costs, you can install the toilet yourself. Just follow these steps and your Eljer toilet is set.

First, clean the flange, the collar that is fastened to the floor pipe and make sure it doesn't have any wax. The flange is used to connect your toilet to the drain pipe. To prevent chipping, place the Eljer toilet bowl and the tank on cushioning packing material or soft, thick towels. Inspect the tank and toilet for any visible cracks, chips or other damage in the porcelain. Then put the tank and the bowl in place together to check if the parts fit, and if the toilet bowl fits the location you picked.

Next, flip the bowl upside down and on the bottom of the bowl, the part that goes into the floor flange, evenly press the wax bowl ring. This is a seal between the drain and bowl, which prevents water leakage and keeps sewer gas from entering the vicinity. If you are installing a new toilet you'll find that it comes with a three-inch drain pipe. Older toilet bowls have four-inch drains. Some wax seals are specially designed to fit both sizes.

To position your toilet, you can also apply rubber shims, which adjust the level and fill gaps. These shims will help prevent shifting on tile floors. Stick pencils pointing to the flange points to help you pinpoint where to place the bowl over the bolts of the flange. And now place the bowl over the flange, pressing it down gently. Then place the cover clip, washer and nut over the flange bowls. Make sure to tighten them a little on one side, and then do the same to the other side to keep the bowl and flange from breaking.

On the tank's top, set a carpenter's level and before you tighten the nuts, make sure it is level. Set the tank on top of the bowl and screw it in place, placing a washer and nut on each screw and holding them in place with a screwdriver. Ratchet the nuts to tighten them.

Then, apply a little silicone caulk across the toilet bowl's bottom edge, but make sure not to do it all the way around the back of the toilet, as the water will most likely go out this way if the seal leaks. Connect the toilet water connection to the water supply pipe. Fasten the nut by hand, and then wrench it. Next, use thread sealant on the fittings to keep them safe from leaks. To check for leaks, turn on the water and place the lid on the tank.

Lastly, install a toilet seat for your Eljer toilet, placing it on the toilet's bowl portion and lining up the bolts. Using the screwdriver, hold the screws in place, and the wrench to tighten the nuts.

Where can I get Eljer toilets?

You will find the widest collection of these fine Eljer toilets online, on eljer.com.


So if you find your toilets to be unsatisfactory, get the comfort and efficiency you deserve from Eljer toilets.