Over the past few years, energy drinks have replaced coffee as the preferred method of getting through a tough day or recovering from a grueling workout. While these beverages pack a great punch and can get you moving when little else can, they tend to be a bit on the expensive side when you have to pay full price. If you are an energy drink junkie and like to pound several of these drinks to get through your day, the costs can quickly add up and start to eat away at your budget. Convenience stores are well aware of the addictive nature these kinds of drinks carry and make a fortune from those who don't plan out their purchases and buy them on impulse. The good news is; you can enjoy steep savings on your beverage of choice without having to cut back on your morning energy boost! The best way to save money on your energy drinks is to buy them at cheap wholesale prices and keep a steady supply on hand at all times.

Buying Energy Drinks at Wholesale

Just how much can you save when you buy online in case quantities? The price for each energy drink will vary depending on the brand and the size but it can be a safe assumption that you will spend at least several dollars per can unless you leverage the power of making a volume purchase. If you drink 2 cans per day and pay an average of $2.50 each, that adds up to $150 per month. Now let's say you start planning ahead and ordering your favorite energy drink by the case (sometimes you can save even more when you order even larger quantities). If a case containing 24 individual cans can be purchased for $35, you are now paying just $1.45 per can instead of $2.50. Using the same estimate of consuming 2 energy drinks per day, your monthly cost is cut nearly in half down to just $87! What if you don't own a business or have an active resale license? That's OK, you can still find creative ways to buy in bulk and avoid paying inflated prices. If you are a member of a local wholesale club like Sam's or Costco, that can be a good place to start. There are also several major energy drink distribution companies who sell full cases to the public on websites such as Amazon.com.

This strategy works for almost every major brand of energy drink currently available on the market including Monster, Rockstar, Red Bull, Amp, 5 Hour Energy, Bawls, and many others. As a general rule, the more popular the drink, the more places you will be able to find good deals on volume purchases. Once you locate a good source, you can come back to it on a regular basis and skip the stop at the gas station on your way to work. It can take a little while to get used planning out your purchases so you don't run out but once you have a good system in place, the savings can really start to add up in a hurry! My personal favorite energy drink is Monster and I started to order them buy the case a little over a year ago. Now, I will only buy Monster Energy drinks in bulk and the positive impact of the change in habit on my finances is quite respectable. By my calculations, I have already saved over $1200 that would have gone straight into the pocket of some lucky store owner. Do yourself a favor and stop paying full price for your energy drinks. You'll leave yourself with more money in your budget each month and you will still have an ample supply of energy shots or beverages on hand when you need them!