Essential Fragrance Oils - Natural Health Oil for Sleep and Stress

Essential fragrance oils are widely available today in various forms and of different types. They are generally a blend of various essential oils in certain proportions to produce aromatherapeutic and physiologic effects. Fragrance oils are not necessarily the same as essential oils, as its primary purpose is to convey a specific type of fragrance.

How are they made?

Processes such as distillation and solvent extraction are uitilized to extract essential fragrance oils from their soaurces. The subsequent "essence" is then used to make oils, which are then used for aromatherapy or even medicinal intent.

The manner of extraction most used today is distillation, as is done with the most common oils, such as eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender and rose. Various parts of the plant are utilized in distillation, such as the flowers, leaves, seeds, or rinds. They are placed in a distillation apparatus over water, and the resulting steam vaporizes the volatile compounds in the plant parts. The subsequent vapor condenses back into a liquid form, which is basically the resulting "essence" of the plant. The recondensed water is called the hydrosol, or the herbal distillate. Its use in cosmetics is gaining rising popularity. Popular hydrosols are rose water, lemon balm, and orange blossom water.

This usually happens in a single process, however, there is also a longer method, called fractional distillation, wherein compounds are separated from each other, as in the case of ylang-ylang.

Role in aromatherapy

Essential fragrance oils play a vital role in aromatherapy, a branch of lternative Medicine">alternative medicine that focuses on the medically beneficial characteristics of specific aromas. The oils used in aromatherapy are known to have curative and relaxing effects, as well as having positive effects on cognitive function.

Aromatherapy continues to rise in popularity, and suppliers for essential oils are providing new and diverse options for the growing demand. For example, essential oils no longer need come in single or "pure" forms, instead, combinations of different oils are created to come up with a specific scent. As of today, the most popular essential oils are eucalyptus and rose oil, however there are countless variants of both oils. More mixtures of different oils are available in this manner, with certain oils having specific effects, and it's largely up to the buyer whether he decides to purchase citronella essential oil to sit back and relax, or rosemary essential oil to significantly perk him up.

Aside from just the aroma, essential fragrance oils are valued for the medical benefits they offer. Although, as mentioned, essential fragrance oils are made precisely for their appealing scents, they still offer the same basic benefits as most oils, such as antiseptic properties, for example.

Medical benefits

Essential fragrance oils, like other oils, have a significant edge in medical benefits. They are considered a more favorable option as opposed to taking a trip down to the pharmacy for the standard over-the-counter drugs. Most of their healing and curative properties are used to treat common ailments that do not require a visit to the doctor. Direct inhalation of vapours is an excellent way to provide immediate relief from congestive respiratory problems, such as dry cough and colds. The essential oils are used in aromatherapy via diverse methods: inhalers, steam kettles, and even lozenges.

Essential fragrance oils have the capability to affect skin and mucous membranes, particularly liniments. Although they may cause mild skin irritation in response to an allergic reaction, most oils are known to produce a soothing effect, in addition improving overall skin tone and reducing acuity of common skin conditions such as rashes or acne. An example would be camphor and turpentine oil.

Other fragrance oils, like clove oil or eugenol, are used as antiseptics and local anaesthetics. Thymol is also known to have antiseptic effects. It is not advisable to take essential oils by mouth, as the oils can be dangerous in high concentrations and individuals that inadvertently do so will need immediate medical attention. The oils are not generally applied topically in their pure or undiluted form, as this can cause anaphylactic reactions.


Essential fragrance oils may be purchased at local department stores or online, as the demand for aromatherapy products are currently high. They may also be found on online stores like eBay or Amazon, where their prices differ according to the type of oil you wish to purchase. For example, frankincense essential oil is rather expensive compared to other oils, like geranium essential oil. Remember to check the information and description before purchasing essential fragrance oils.