Buy Essential Oils Online - Cheap Pure Scents and Fragrances

Thinking to buy essential oils online? In today's modern world where almost everything can be found on the Internet, it is possible to kick back and relax at the end of the day without having to make the trip downtown for aromatherapy oils.

A large array of options exists over the Internet. However, it's wise to exercise caution in ordering products online, as one disadvantage is that you can't actually touch or see what you're going to buy up close. Thus it's imperative that you know how to buy essential oils online, and actually get what your money's worth. There are several things worth considering.

Types of essential oils

First off, know what you want. There are several types of essential oils available on the market, and you might want to check out first what your preferences are. It helps to be specific; instead of entering "essential oils" in the search bar, type in "geranium essential oils" or "citronella essential oils".

The term "pure essential oil" usually isn't what it always means. Communicate with the vendor and clarify if the essential oil is, indeed, pure and not combined with variations of different oils.

Adequate information should be given regarding the product. This shouldn't be a problem, as the Internet is currently full of information on different essential oils and their various benefits. It is best if the catalogs or websites include the essential oil's botanical (Latin name), country of origin and method of extraction. Listed therapeutic effects are a good bonus, since you should get the most benefits over the sense of relaxation you're aiming for.

These are rather basic information, but it also indicates the knowledgeability of the vendor regarding the oil he is trying to sell, also, it will help you in your choice or preference. Try emailing prospective suppliers with questions regarding their products. Consider suppliers that know their products well and are confident about them. Buy essential oils online only from vendors you know you can trust.

Prices: quality over quantity

Second, compare prices. Though not necessarily a good indicator of quality in all cases, sometimes it can be. Don't jump at the cheapest product you come across. Cross-check prices locally (if possible) and among different suppliers online. Be wary of oils that are sold at generally the same prices. For example, essential oils from jasmine and should cost more than geranium essential oils. The more expensive essential oils sold at lower prices may be mixed with other types of oils, or may be of a lesser quality. List down different prices; usually you will find that most of them fall under a certain price range. When you buy essential oils online, consider quality over quantity; whether you're willing to spend a little more for a more trusted product than paying dirt cheap for what isn't really what you ordered.

Packaging and storage

Go for essential oils that are packaged in dark-colored glass containers. Plastic containers are not advisable, as essential oils are known to dissolve the plastic material, hence affecting the "purity" of the oil. Clear glass containers are also not as favorable as dark-colored ones, however you can always transfer them into dark-colored glass containers after receiving your order. Then again, you can always take the more convenient route and buy what saves you the most effort. (Hey, you're ordering online, that's the whole point of convenience.)

However, if you do decide to buy essential oils online that are shipped in plastic, ask your supplier the length of time the oil has been stored in the container before it was shipped. Ideally, it shouldn't be very long: just prior to shipment. You don't want oils that have been sitting around too long in plastic. Aluminum containers for larger amounts of essential oils are acceptable, as long as the insides are lined.

Once you have a couple of prospective vendors to buy essential oils online from, it's advisable not to bulk up on orders. Initially, place a small order and try to ask for additional samples of oils, though these should be oils that you might seriously buy in bigger amounts. (Two to four samples is enough.) The vendor may charge an additional fee for the samples, and this is usually deemed reasonable, as there are shipping fees to consider.


Once you are confident to actually buy essential oils online from a trusted supplier, all you need to do next is make your purchase and wait for your order. Once you have your oil, you're good to go for that relaxing evening you've been wanting since getting off work today. Once you've gotten the hang of it, it's worth the convenience to buy essential oils online.