Picture this, you just got up and plan on doing some internet banking, you get your coffee, your bills and you sit down, turn on the computer and nothing happens! Been there done that. This is when you really start to think about external hard drive storage, although maybe too late.

As you sit there blinking you are praying that it is just the plug, and not the computer. But after looking through everything you can't figure out why it doesn't come on. You unplug everything and head to the computer repair store, and he tells you, that you have just experienced "hard drive failure".


You are now flashing through your mind, all the pictures that are on there, that you were meaning to print, or the emails and documents for work. You actually go into overdrive yourself just thinking about it all.


You wonder if your kids had gone to sites they should not have, did you pick up a computer virus? Or did it simply conk out. They do have a lifespan. Many people take their computers in at least once a year for a checkup, but most of us don't until something like this happens.

If you had external hard drive storage, then although this would have been an annoyance, you would still have those important pictures, letters and everything else you store on your computer.

It can be very difficult and very expensive, to even try to extract anything from a "failure". If your computer is getting up there in age, you may want to consider doing a copy and install of a new drive before it fails, or simply purchase a external portable drive for storage of all those files that we have come to depend on especially pictures. You would just make a habit of transferring important and sensitive materials to your portable drive storage unit which you keep plugged into your computer.

If you are now in the market for file storage, you don't have to look to far. You just have to decide what your needs are. If you are a company with delicate and important documents, then you may need storage in a larger capacity.

But for most hobby computer users, you don't need to spend more than a couple of hundred dollars to get something that will work for you.  As electronics come down in price this is getting to be affordable insurance for your important files.

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You simply plug this drive into your USB port, and your computer will recognize it as another drive and assign it a letter. You can then transfer anything from one hard drive to the other. This can be portable to, as you can take your private documents and files to work or to transfer from lap top to home computer.

The chances of picking up something from the internet, that could cause a failure, or wiping out of delicate files, is always a threat. Having a backup storage unit, will give you that peace of mind, especially with time sensitive materials such as pictures.

With us all using digital cameras now, many people don't even print them, just keep them on the computer to view as they please. With a portable drive unit, you don't have to worry about losing them to a failure of your main computer. We have come to depend on these computers more and more, and it is devastating to lose everything like that.

Have you ever had your laptop taken? You start trying to remember what is on there, and all those files you needed for work. It can feel just as bad as having your wallet taken.

You can put your information, including pictures onto CDs or DVDs, but they can deteriorate over time.

Once you have decided it is time for external storage, then you need to start checking out your favorite electronic store, and they can guide you with the best type of external drive storage to get. They are not very big, and don't take up too much room.

Or if you would like to compare and do some research online, you can start with the name brand computer sites, such as DELL, or MAC, and then check sites such as Amazon and Ebay. Even if you use them for pricing, and then go to your local electronic store. You can find the best storage for your needs.

Be proactive, really think about what is on your computer right now, whether it is the home desktop computer or your laptop. Don't wait until something bad happens, create backups of those special memories and documents, get external storage now and hang onto your files.

These portable storage units are small and easy to use. It is like having a second set of keys. You hope you don't need to depend on it, but it is there when you need it.