FRYE Campus 14L Boots

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One of the reasons the FRYE Womens Campus 14L Boots are so popular is the fact you can get them in so many different colours. Everyone wants to be part of a fashion trend but not everyone wants to wear the same items. By getting your boots in a different colour to every one else you can get some individuality added which helps you feel much better. Some great colours to choose from include dark brown, banana, saddle, blazer brown, black and light brown along with more exclusive colours too.

One thing most women love about the FRYE Campus 14L boots is that they have the perfect balance between being rugged and rough yet also feminine enough to still look great. Women especially love these as some boots for the winter or fall.

Most women who bought a pair of the FRYE Campus boots were delighted with them. I don't think I have ever seen so many happy customers with some even saying they were the best pair of boots that they own. Some did comment to say that they run a little large so you might want to order half a size smaller then your normal size or just wear thick socks! They have a 2 inch heel which gives you a nice height boost but also helps the boots remain comfortable and easy to wear.

Probably the best thing about the FRYE Campus boots is the fact that they are so durable. These boots will easily last you for a good few years and that will get you your full moneys worth.

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