Factory Refurbished Laptops: Overcoming Consumer Skepticism

Most people face the two horns of a dilemma when shopping for a laptop; new or used, cheap or expensive, this or that. For the most part, people shy away from used or refurbished laptops because they either don't want to put themselves in a position where they will regret buying a laptop that goes kaput the week after they've bought it, or just because they're uncomfortable about using another person's hardware. The choice may be more subjective than being arrived at by 'techno'-logical analysis and deduction. However, it's still a major factor affecting the decision-making process. Perhaps a better understanding of factory refurbished laptops will provide you with the ammunition you need to go out and face the mortal enemy of the average consumer – buying used goods.

Understanding Factory Refurbished Laptops

Factory refurbished laptops are basically those that have either been sent to the manufacturer to be fixed up before being resold by electronics retailers, or those that have been acquired by the company for some reason and then modified or rectified and then sold again at a much lower price. Moreover, manufacturers understand consumer thinking so, even if a piece is practically brand new, they know that they can't price it anywhere close to a new unit - in order to sell it, they will have to slash the price considerably and still give a warranty for the product. This is where you come in. If you're in the right place at the right time, you can get some amazing offers on factory refurbished laptops and walk away with a deal of a lifetime.

Factory Refurbished Laptops: Figuring And Configuring

Factory refurbished laptops are slightly more expensive than factory refurbished notebooks so as a first step, write down what you're actually after. Whether you just want to go surfing or want to do some serious high-power or intense graphics stuff, writing down your thoughts and requirements will be a good way to eliminate all the unnecessary models straight. For example, if you want a laptop for downloading 30 movies a week, then not only will your internet connection speed need to be fast, but your laptop too should have the kind of memory and optical drive that will allow you to do this easily and with little pain. If you're going to be Skype-ing a lot, then you'll probably need a laptop that has a built-in high-resolution webcam. If you're going to be plugging in a lot of peripherals, you'll need to make sure that the laptop has an adequate number of USB ports. These points will help tremendously when you're faced with the awe-inspiring choices of factory refurbished laptops for sale.

Price Bands And What To Expect

With regards to pricing, factory refurbished laptops may be on the slightly higher side when compared to those that have been 'fixed up' by retailers. For this reason, the factory refurbished ones will also come with better warranty periods, such as 6 months or even a year. Base prices for laptops start around the $300 mark, with the cheaper ones mostly working on Atom or Pentium M processors; not that there's anything wrong with them, but they're not as versatile as a Core Duo, for example. On the other side of $300, you'll find some great models, such as the Compaq Presario with the 15.6 inch screen, a 1 GB RAM and a 250 GB hard drive. If you've got some extra cash to spend on a factory refurbished laptop, you could try the Dell Inspiron 17, with the 4 GB RAM, 320 GB hard drive and a nice 17.6 inch screen, all for the great price of $589.

Next Time You Be The Expert

No matter what brand of factory refurbished laptop you end up buying, your experience and knowledge would have increased tremendously, not only about laptop configurations, but about online comparison shopping in general. So the next time a friend is in the market for a used or new laptop, you can offer your services as the go-to guy.