Buy Foam Coolers

Foam Coolers - Cool Solutions for Shipping or Beach Picnics!

Did you know you can buy inexpensive foam coolers whenever you need to ship something that has to arrive cold? Many beach goers and picnickers also love foam coolers because they are lightweight but very effective at keeping their contents chilly throughout the day. Whereas other kinds of plastic coolers may be effective at maintaining a deep chill, they can add several unwanted pounds to already heavy loads. Not so fun to drag in and out of a beach! Foam coolers on the other hand contribute very little weight whatsoever to their overall load because they're made from high performance high density foam that's excellent at retaining cold temperatures even in direct sunlight. You can pack up your foam coolers with sandwiches, other perishable foods like cheeses and milk, or, of course, beer. Foam coolers are also the go-to solution for many small businesses and individuals that need to ship cold items that have to make it to their destination in great shape.

The Best Uses for Foam Coolers

If you and your friends or family are setting up a beach excursion or picnic, you can pack up your foam coolers ahead of time so you'll have deliciously cold drinks and food by the time you reach your destination, and throughout your day. Foam coolers come in various sizes and some of the medium and large models can handle up to 48 cans or more! Decide first upon what you want to bring and how many people will be at your gathering before you select the right size of foam coolers for your event. If you want to bring food along for everyone as well, consider either getting a second foam cooler to handle the edibles or packing all of your cans along the bottom so you can ensure the most efficient use of your foam coolers' space.

Deluxe Models of Foam Coolers

Like the foam cooler pictured above, many foam coolers come with handly recessed can and cup holders that are built into the top. These allow you to place your cans and beverages into a cup holder so they'll stay in place when you're off playing volleyball or out soaking up the surf. Many funseekers enjoy using the tops of their foam coolers as impromptu tables for eating sandwiches or laying out snacks so that everyone in your party can easily reach them and snack throughout the day. Best of all, sturdy foam coolers are reusable so long as you don't thoroughly damage them. If you're careful, you can expect many months of service from a new set of foam coolers, and can enjoy their lightweight and highly portable refridgeration in the woods, on the beach or just out back on the porch or backyard. Foam coolers are definitely essential to any successful party where you've got to have cold beverages and food for everyone that's coming over.