Things are happening, the long-awaited Holidays are calling, what to do? Go online, let your paypal or credit card account do all the work.

So many great deals, delivered right to your doorstep. Usually, very little work is done to have it delivered to you--in most cases delivered to your friends or loved ones, thousands of miles away. Here are some instructions that can deliver a smoother, more relaxing Holiday season to you.

Make a list of your gift recipients. Consider birthdays, holidays and special engagements you will soon be attending.

What would they enjoy receiving? You may be a friend or a close relative, keep things in perspective. Ask their friend or spouse to get an idea.

Search the online places that would best fit your needs. Many discounted items can be found online. Choose the item and compare with other shopping online sites.

Know that your online site that you are perusing is creditable. Research them and feel secure in their policies and the reviews that are posted.

Buy with confidence. You have found the right gift with the right price, now go to the checkout area.

Buying online can relieve so much time that could be spent in so many other productive ways.

Go with gift cards or certificates when the spirit feels right. If you give a close friend or not-so-likeable family-in-law member one of these babies, then no more worries. Just the satisfaction that you did your deed and it is done!

Think big--as if you are a millionaire: Order Lobster, The best Steak and cuts that money can buy. Try top Caviar that doesn’t just taste like salt bubbles and Sushi that is as fresh as the Ocean you are perusing, 200 yards away. Giving gift cards for online happy orders or for your self is just a win-win decision any way you perceive it!