Glow Sticks Wholesale

Buy Glow Sticks Wholesale to Save Big on Big Fun

Glow sticks are those luminous, twisty, fun hard plastic coated toys that emit all the colors of the rainbow through neon chemical reactions. Perfect for any reason at all, or keeping track of your kids during late night events after the sun goes down, or just for handing out as party favors, there are plenty of reasons for buying these glow sticks wholesale. Not only will you save a bundle on these fun and wacky toys, but you'll also get special shipping discounts when you buy your glow sticks wholesale.

What to Do Once You've Bought Your Glow Sticks Wholesale

Once you buy your glow sticks wholesale, it's time to get started on the fun part, cracking them and using them! These special glowing toys contain two separated internal layers of chemicals. As long as they stay separated in their delicate plastic internal tubes, they remain inert - they won't go anywhere or do anything. But once you snap your glow sticks, effectively breaking the separating channels to commingle the chemicals, the reaction you get is, well, quite illuminating! Parents and party throwers like to buy their glow sticks wholesale so they can ensure that everyone gets to have at least one glow stick, if not their own handful. The other great thing about buying your glow sticks wholesale is that you're certain to get a great variety of different colors so that each kid (or grown-up kid at heart) can choose their favorite color of glow sticks.

Glow sticks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can find glow stick jewelry, like glow stick bracelets, necklaces and longer looping thin glow sticks meant to be worn like belts or snug hula-hoops. You can buy glow sticks wholesale and make up different goodie bags for kids to take home from a birthday party, or you can brighten up your company's marketing campaign by buying glow sticks wholesale to hand out during a special event. Wrap a company message or logo stick around each of the glowing items you hand out to ensure double the marketing impact. Buying your glow sticks wholesale will ensure that you've got plenty to hand out so you can achieve the maximum message saturation and exposure for your business.

Buying glow sticks wholesale is also a great option for professionals that have reason to go through a large number of these glowing toys within the normal course of their business. Professional entertainers, clowns, mimes and magicians all have good reason to research buying their glow sticks wholesale. Magicians' hat tricks can be spiced up by dropping a lit green glow stick in to the bottom of their hat to create a mystical and eerie glow that can be replicated cheaply for each performance. Jugglers should also buy their glow sticks wholesale in order to save big bucks on the thicker glowing sticks they use for nighttime juggling bonanzas that are half demonstrations of extreme dexterity and half unplugged light shows!