Gold pendants: For the love of Gold!

Gold pendants are a great way to show someone they're special. The fact that gold is a rare and precious metal transfers itself, somehow, onto the sentiment attached to the gift. Gold has long been sought by men of all ages; by saying men, that includes women, because the search for gold has always been associated with wealth and status not only for the man, but security and safety for his woman as well. It's an ego thing for men and a beauty thing for women. Well, what can you say, except, "Martians will be Martians and Venusians will be Venusians."

Perspective value: Gold is gold is not gold

Gold pendants aren't very expensive in the sense that gold jewelry in the West is appreciated mainly because it lends itself to so many design variations. That very malleability is provided by the more humble copper, which is mixed with gold to make it suitable for making intricately molded ornaments such as pendants. Because of the high copper content in, say, 14k gold, the cost is considerably lower than if that same item were to be made of a much purer source of gold. In the East, gold is seen more as an investment, although no one can deny that Easterners love their gold jewelry and will not part with it at any cost. In Western countries, however, gold jewelry isn't as revered, which is why 14k gold is preferred over 22k gold for making jewelry - 14k gold has a brighter shine to it because of the higher copper content.

Gold pendant styles and finishes

There are innumerable designs and patterns of gold pendants for every bent imaginable. Zodiac pendants, religious symbols, personalized motifs, themed pendants, esoteric symbols, name plates, engraved art, and many more types make up the family of gold pendant jewelry. Any goldsmith worth his gold ore should be able to give you exactly what you need as long as you can give a good enough description or, preferably, a drawing of what you have in mind. Two-dimensional and 3-D models are equally popular, and can be made in a variety of finishes; high-polish, to give an exceptional mirror-like shine, satin or matte, to subdue the metallic shine where there's a diamond or other gem set in the gold, brushed, to give a textured look, and hammered, to give a wavy, hand-made look. Other metals may be used to coat the gold lightly with a metal like rhodium, to give it a richer color.

Worth its weight in gold: Gold pendants and their prices

The price of a gold pendant will depend on its weight, complexity of design, purity of gold and the current price of gold on the day of purchase. Because there are so many variables, prices tend to fluctuate; however, a closer look will reveal trends that you can take advantage of. Overall, gold prices usually go up, and they've been that way ever since gold was used as an international standard for setting the values of each currency. But on a less global note, you can get a simple 14k pendant for less than $100 and a basic 22k one for under $200. There are extra costs involved, and online purchases will generally be cheaper than in-store. However, a lot of people like to try it on for size, so to speak, before they will invest a few hundred dollars on gold pendants, and might prefer the store route rather than the internet one. It all boils down to a matter of preference and comfort, but luckily, there are global standards set for the quality and content of gold in every ornament so as long as you buy from a reputed store, you should get the right value for your money.