Goldstar air conditioners are one of the top competitors when it comes to cooling systems. Goldstar air conditioners give a wide range of electronic and mechanical models to choose from. You can be reassured of their quality because this well established brand is time tested. They started providing the world their air conditioners since 1958.

Goldstar is the former name of the famous Korean brand, LG electronics. It is still part of the LG family though, with a new name. If you are looking for quality cooling systems for your home, office or industrial buildings, Goldstar air conditioners is one choice you should consider. You will have no, if not minimal problems if you invest in a Goldstar air conditioner. They are efficient, quiet and cool and have a long lifespan with proper maintenance.


Goldstar air conditioners usually are window types that have to be fitted on a wall slot of a room or on a window sill. Like cars that come in two kinds (the stick shift and the automatic), Goldstar air conditioners also come in two types: the mechanical and electronic.

The first type, if compared to the car, is the stick shift, or in air conditioning terms the mechanical air conditioner. The greatest advantage to this type of air conditioner is the price. Mechanical ACs have a similar look to that of electronic types, but these units cost a lot lesser. This is why most industrial buildings, that use the AC solely to keep its people cool, opt to buy this type because it offers a low cost solution. This air conditioner has a panel containing knobs that one can manipulate to change the room temperature. This would mean that the mechanical type of AC should always be in reach. Another advantage of mechanical air conditioner is that easy to clean and maintain. One can simple take out the filter and clean it.

The electronic type can be compared to an automatic. The Goldstar electronic air conditioners have remote controls that let you set the desired temperature from distances. These types also have special features like, degree Fahrenheit control. This allows the user to adjust the degrees to the perfect temperature. Goldstar air conditioners also have an energy saver option. When one does not really have to consume that much power, there is an energy saver button one only has to press. They can also come with a 12 hour timer. This allows you to set when the unit will turn off and on and this will relieve you of the hassle of switching your unit on and off. And because it is remote controlled the bearer of the remote does not need to get up just to change the temperature of the room.

BTU and Goldstar air conditioners

When buying Goldstar air conditioners you will find that there are numbers with an acronym BTU after it. BTU or British thermal unit, is the measure of the amount of heat required to raise 1 pound of water one degree Fahrenheit at one atmospheric pressure, simply put this is the unit of measure air conditioners use. Goldstar air conditioners are usually sold based on the BTU/hour rating. A larger space would need a higher BTU rating to keep the area cool. This, in the long run will prove more effective. ACs with low BTU ratings when used in a large room may over heat, because its power is not substantial to circulate the air of the whole room. Air conditioners sometimes provide a table on how much BTU is required for a specific room.

The market

Brand new Goldstar Units with 5000-6000 BTU can range from 99 to 200 dollars. 7000-10000 BTU can be as high as 500 dollars. These can be bought in your local home and appliance stores or can be ordered online. If buying a new unit proves to be too pricey for you, there are pre loved or used air conditioners that can go for as low as 45 dollars online, you just have to make sure that they are still of good quality.

Goldstar air conditioners have been in the business for more than 50 years and are still running under LG electronics. Goldstar also manufactures other appliances such as TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and radios. One should also note that Goldstar air conditioners are also beneficial to those who are suffering from asthma and allergies. These systems can clear the air in the process, making the environment it caters a clean and safe one.