Harley-Davidson Goggles: Hearts Afire With Desire

Cruising down the highway on your Softail or cruising for action in the 'burbs on your Superlow, Harley-Davidson goggles will enhance the way you look and feel. Come to think of it, you don't even need a bike to draw attention with one of these cool accessories from the makers of one of the coolest bikes on the planet. Apart from the "visual appeal" from inside and outside a pair of H-D goggles, the safety factor has also been given a lot of thought by the manufacturers. Ergonomic design for optimal dust and wind Harley Davidson Gogglesprotection, as well as superior UV protection is standard on these works of optical art. Harley-Davidson currently has 72 models of eyewear – one for every heartbeat of every minute – so there's certain to be at least one that you will find irresistibly appealing. Here's a brief look at some of the models currently on the market for those aspiring to accessorize their eyes.

Types Of Harley-Davidson Goggles

Harley-Davidson goggles are broadly categorized into performance eyewear and sunglasses. The performance eyewear class is again divided into Classic, Custom, Performance and Forceflex, a trademarked range of eyewear.

Classics From The House Of Harley

A basic model from the Classic family of Harley-Davidson goggles shouldn't cost you more than about $35. They come with fixed foam padding that "seals out the elements", and the photochromic lens darkens in bright light, making it unnecessary to change lenses in varying light conditions. In the same range is the Racetrack Performance Eyewear, which is a three-quarters wrap model that features impact-resistant lenses and UV protection to ANSI Z87.1 standards. The classic range also offers a collapsible pair that comes with all the standards, and a neoprene case besides. There are about 17 models in the Classic collection.

A lifetime Of Satisfaction

The Legendary and Formidable ranges that feature ForceFlex technology are one of the most comfortable and best fitting motorsports eyewear in the world. Said to be able to withstand being run over by a car, the frames are guaranteed for life and surpass nearly all international standards, even the Military MIL-PRF 31013. These are conveniently priced at $45; for that kind of quality, this kind of price is sure to thrill without killing your wallet. The frames are made using a soft rubber multi-injection molding process that gives them the strength and durability required for a lifetime warranty.

Can't Go Wrong: The Custom-err Is Always Right

The Custom models are a bit pricier, and start at about $75 for the Skull performance eyewear. Lenses are high-impact and scratch-resistant, and the frame features Italian craftsmanship in its design. The arms sport metal skull inlays and the sharp optics are supported by smoke lenses, which are said to provide the "truest picture of actual light you are seeing". Custom models are also showcased by Top Gun's "Maverick" and "Iceman" goggles of the same designs worn by Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer in the movie. Even if you normally wear prescription glasses, you can get one made from these if you order them from within the U.S. Custom H-D graphics over Italian frames make this a $75 bargain that offers the best of Harley-Davidson goggles. Also featured in this category is the Overtop, which is meant to be worn on top of prescription glasses for those who prefer it. It's designed for the smaller models of glasses, and features airflow venting for a cool ride.

Performance With a Capital H-D

The Profile Performance Harley-Davidson goggles have a really neat feature that justifies the $100 tag; a patented mid-frame foam attachment metamorphoses these sunglasses into performance eyewear and back with just a click. It also comes with interchangeable clear and smoke lenses for night and day riding, and a lanyard to make sure you don't lose it.

With such a wide range of stylish designs, Harley-Davidson goggles can easily form an essential part of your accessories for daily wear; and the pricing's not bad either. So go out and get yourself a pair, and see what everyone's raving about.