Today's society is becoming more and more mobile. Everyone on is always on the go, always traveling. With the rise of the mobile community, there has to be a way that people can have their separation, or connection with their personal life, when they want it. Mobile devices make this possible, however with the rise of mobile devices comes the rise headphones. If you want to buy headphones online then you need to know what different types of headphones are out there before you start buying.

I dare to say, most people have tried on a pair of headphones that hurt their ears or that broke very easily. Since different types of headphones are used so often it is very inconvenient to always have to replace headphones or have an ear ache from them. It's just as inconvenient to have to pay an arm and a leg to have a decent pair. Below I will list different types of headphones and some of the best places you can buy headphones online with having to sell your house.

Ear Bud Headphonesheadphones (38443)

One of the most popular headphones today of all the different types of headphones is the ear buds. Ear buds are usually given free with portable devices but higher-performance buds can offer sonics that rival full-size models. There are essentially two different types of ear bud headphones, one earpieces rest on the outer ear and the other need to be inserted into the ear canal. Both however, are great for portability. If you plan to buy headphones online, you probably at least consider these once or twice.

The ear buds that rest on the outer ear tend to be fairly cheap however they are usually the headphones that hurt peoples ears the most. These ear buds are also not very good at keeping out surrounding noises. Because of this they are not very good for people that plan on wearing headphones a lot but are still a good choice for the occasional user who doesn't want to spend a lot. The second type of ear buds that go into the ear canal are usually a more common after market ear bud. They provide more comfort and tend to block out a lot more sounds. Even the inear headphone aren't that expensive (even though their have been some big upgrades lately), they usually run anywhere from $10-60. Still, cheaply made in-ear buds can hurt the ears or not work very well.

Sports Headphones

Sports headphones refer to two general types of headband styles, standard vertical bands that arch over the head or horizontal designs that extend behind the head or neck. Both designs also go inside the ear like ear buds. Sport headphones are good if you plan on running or moving around a lot, they are designed so that they are light and won't fall off easily. Most of them are made with an open-back design so that you are able to hear what is around you. You don't want to run and be completely oblivious to what is around you. The main downfall to these headphones is that they are not the most durable headphones. Their light design means that they break much easier. It is also noted that sometimes they will hurt peoples ears buy pulling them in the direction of the band. Sports headphones are also fairly cheap. I would advice at least spending $25 dollars for a good durable pair though.

Ear-Pad Headphone

These headphones rest on your outer ears and run from inexpensive portables to high-end home models. They are similar to the sports headphones except that they do not go inside the ears at all. Before ear buds, these were the most used of all the different types of headphones. While there are ear-pad headphones that have closed designs they will never completely enclose the ears like full-size headphones (see below). These headphones are usually more comfortable than any ear buds but are less portable and will most likely let in more noise than in-ear headphones or full size. Some ear-pad headphones however do fold up to increase portability. Since these headphone aren't very popular anymore they are significantly cheaper. Most of the time these are only found on stock headsets these days.

Full-Size HeadphonesBeats Studio by Dr Dre

These headphones are also known as circumaural headphones, meaning any phones with ear cups that fully enclose your ears are full-size. Because of their size full-size headphones are more suited for home use rather than portable headphones. They are also capable of much more bass and effectively block outside noise. Some full-size models can be uncomfortably hot and make your ears sweat as well as get in the way with earrings, glasses, and hairstyles. These are usually much more expensive since they have such a great quality however they are not very portable. You can easily spend $100 or more for a good set.

Finding the Best Headphones

Now that you know a bit about the different types of headphones it is time to find your headphones online. The first place I would always suggest to buy headphones online is Amazon. They have a great potential to live up to and work hard at only providing the best services. Not only that buy they allow people to leave comments on each product. I'll tell you now, people hate to get ripped off and feel free to let people know of their bad experiences. If you don't find what you want on Amazon, I would try sites like BestBuy or NewEgg. These are both well known and established sites that will be less likely to rip you off. Mostly be careful of any site that looks at all fishy. Too many people get ripped off everyday from bad sites.

Best of luck with finding your headphones and I hope you truly enjoy them!