Do you remember Milton Waddams from the classic film "OfficeSpace"? Swingline had ceased manufacturing of the red staplers years earlier. However, the huge consumer demand after the success of this movie inspired them to develop the new metal limited edition model.

This legendary fashionable red stapler provides an excellent conversation piece in the office space, yet there's more to it than just looks. This tool performs well its basic role of the heavy duty stapler. Let's see an overview of the features.Red Swingline Stapler From Office Space 1Credit: via Amazon

Durable Heavy Duty Stapler with lifetime guarantee

Many office staplers tend to fall into pieces after a period of the heavy duty use in the busy office. This one can last for years, as the durable metal construction of Swingline 707 series can survive the destructive activity of the dedicated office space workers.

In fact, the company is so sure of its product, that it offers lifetime guarantee for this legendary red stapler.

Ergonomic Office Space Stapler with comfortable grip

This gadget is comfortable to handle because of its smooth grip. When you are using the tool on daily basis, you learn to appreciate the stability it provides. Sleek surface never threatens to bruise your hand, yet your grip remains sure. Rubber covered bottom provides additional stability on the slippery office desks.

Reliable business stapler with jam proof design

When you use the same office supplies on daily basis, it's essential that they work reliably. What problems do business workers complain about when using similar red staplers? The tools jam and distort the loaded staples, even tearing the documents in the process.

On the other hand, functional tools such as the red Swingline stapler never interrupt your workflow with malfunctions. The design perfected for 60 years features anti-jamming inner rail and the security latch.

Reliable red stapler with pinning and tacking functionality

The ability to connect up to 20 sheets of paper at once should please even the most disgruntled office space workers. However, sometimes you need to attach the paper to the information board. Then the pinning and tacking options of the red swingline stapler can save your day at work. Just remember that your co-workers will never read your important notice anyway.

Red metal stapler with stylish design

How would you like to be stylish when working in the corporation? Red Swingline stapler on your desk can elicit many Office Space quotes from your co-workers.

It's heavy enough to feel solid, but small enough to fit into the drawers. Glaring red shade helps you to find this tool among other office supplies and records.

This conversation piece has one fault: in the busy office can disappear just like Milton's red swingline stapler. You will have to search for it - just don't set fire to your office.

This office tool makes a great present for any office geek. Any fan of the OfficeSpace movie would enjoy this legendary gadget. You can buy it for yourself if like working with the durable, heavy-duty ergonomic red swingline stapler.

Excuse me, Amazon, you have my stapler!