Buy Hockey Equipment Online: Know, And Then Seek

If you're looking to buy hockey equipment online, there are several good sites you could visit. However, rather than going blind and then browsing through the thousands of options, possibly ending up spending a whole lot more than you can afford, a wiser option would be to solidify your needs and identify a reasonable budget before you even log on to the internet. Because you won't have the advantage of a knowledgeable salesperson guiding your choices, it helps to know what you're after. ThatBuy Hockey Equipment Online way you'll spend less time shopping and come away with exactly what you need for the price that you wanted to pay. Here's a look at some of the equipment that's available, and how much they typically cost.

Places To Buy Hockey Equipment Online

To buy hockey equipment online, it helps if you know where to go for the best deals. A quick search will show you the top-rated online stores that deal with hockey gear. Sites like and will probably feature high on your list, but there may be others closer to where you live. Of course, for online shopping distance usually doesn't matter, but it could possibly help you save on shipping costs. If you're keen on a particular brand, go directly to their website, like or; they will then redirect you to partner retail stores that offer some very attractive deals and packages.

Buy Hockey Equipment Online: Skates And Sticks

Hockey skates are of two broad types – inline and ice. Depending on what you're after, there are various price bands you can look at when you buy hockey equipment online. Senior ice hockey skates start at around $50 can go up to ten times as much. If you're a pro player, you'll know what you prefer, but for new entrants to the game, cheaper gear is advised, as long as it's comfortable and safe. Inline skates for roller skate hockey are usually more expensive because of the more complex mechanism, and you'll rarely find a good pair under $100; however, there are exceptions that you may come across in your search for the right pair. Hockey sticks can be made of wood or composite carbon graphite. Wood sticks are priced quite low, and you should be able to buy a decent one for between $50 and $75. Composite sticks are usually lighter and more durable, and are preferred by a lot of players because they allow for a lot of fancy stick-work and cause less fatigue over a period of time. Predictably, there's also more expensive than their wooden cousins; though most come with three-digit price tags, there are some decent ones for under $100.

Buy Protective Hockey Gear Online: Pads And Guards

When you buy hockey equipment online, you'll often find package deals if you opt for a whole set of equipment rather than one or two items. Protective gear is usually best bought as a combo unless you want to mix and match components from different makers. Packages normally include shoulder pads, shin guards and elbow pads. You can buy a combo starting at about $75 to $85, and most manufacturers like Easton, Reebok, Nike Bauer and CCM will have something in this range. Pro gear might cost you up to $200 or more depending on the additional safety and comfort features they carry, along with patented technology that may add to the cost.

Power To The Consumer

In general, if you're looking to buy hockey equipment online, a quick sweep-through of costs and features should help you narrow down your choices. On the second run, you can further eliminate the stuff that you won't be buying, which will leave you with a final three to five options that fit your budget. At this point, it may just be an emotional decision rather than a logical one, but don't let that stop you – gut feeling and consumer delight may not be "measureable" but everyone has the ability to sense them. Buy hockey equipment online that you'll be happy with, not what's "right".