Home Fitness Exercise Equipment: Exercising Your Options

More and more people are feeling the effects of stress and lack of time and are gradually being swept into the trend of home gyms. Strictly speaking, home gyms are single or dual station machines that provide multiple exercise options for complete body toning, but for the purpose of this article, we'll use the term to generically describe all types of home fitness exercise equipment, including treadmills, single and dual station gyms, elliptical trainers, exercise or fitness bikes, and other sundries such as skiers, steppers, rowing machines and free weights.

Home Fitness Exercise Equipment: The Trodden Path

Buying a treadmill as part of your home fitness exercise equipment is a great idea. They're very good for overall health, and the foldable types can be great space savers as well. A good treadmill should not only have cushioned tracks, but should also be able to do at least basic monitoring of speed, time, distance and heart rate. The better ones will also have both preset or programmable workouts, and even performance trackers to see how you've been doing over the last few sessions. If you're buying the ones without cushioned decks, then you might need to invest in a good gym equipment mat to provide the cushioning when you use the treadmill. Treadmills can usually be found starting at around $1100 and can go all the way up, and we mean all the way.

Home Fitness Exercise Equipment: Energizing Ellipticals

Elliptical trainers are wonderful low impact machines that can often give you a better workout in a shorter time that treadmills can; what's more, they provide the right kind of upper body movement to be great cardio workouts too. They can be bought in the range of $900. The more expensive ones like Vision's elliptical trainers incorporate Perfect Stride technology, which provides optimal foot position and foot rotation paths. Elliptical trainers seem to be the order of the day for people who don't really have the luxury of going outdoors to exercise everyday.

Home Fitness Exercise Equipment: Bikes For Brawn

Fitness or exercise bikes are a great form of home fitness exercise equipment. They'll give you intense cardio workouts, and they're also terrific for anaerobic exercises: intense bursts of energy expenditure with brief periods of rest. There are two types of bikes on the market today – upright and recumbent. The recumbent bikes are perfect for that added bit of lumbar support for those who need it. Another type of exercise bike that deserves mention here is the Airdyne, a unique invention that uses the viscosity of air to provide progressive resistance, theoretically up to infinity. It's great for rehabilitative exercising, such as the kind used in post-surgery therapy or sports medicine.

Introducing The Rest Of The Family

For low cost home fitness exercise equipment, there are several options like kettle bells, free weights, abdominal exercisers, BOSU trainers, exercise mats for floor routines, doorway chin up bars, and practically an army of exercise equipment. However, rather than buying everything and using nothing, pick just one piece at a time. When you're comfortable with that and it's become a part of your daily schedule, then buy another on, adding on equipment as and when you feel you need it. This will not only ensure that all the equipment is used, it will also keep you from spending too much all together. That being said, if you've suddenly come by a small inheritance or got a bonus at work (yeah, like that'll ever happen), then you might find good deals on bulk purchases; however, be sure that you only buy specific equipment that will target certain muscle groups that you want to develop. A brief consultation with a gym instructor should give you all the prior information you need. Happy workouts!