Huck Towels Handle Greasy and Oily Work

Whether you work in an automotive shop, an industrial supply or manufacturer's warehouse, or just spend a lot of time in your own workshop trying to clean up oily spills and messes, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle by stocking up on huck towels so you always have some handy. Huck towels are specialty hand towels that are specially designed to handle greasy and oily messes. Huck towels are super absorbant - more absorbant that many shop towels - and the finest huck towels are made from 100% cotton. Huck towels are entirely machine washable, meaning that you can clean them at home and reuse them to your heart's content! Instead of struggling and messing around with inferior ship towels and synthetic fiber hand towels that claim to be perfectly absorbant, try 100% cotton huck towels for the quickest and easiest clean-ups so you can get right back to work.

Keeping a clean and oil free workplace is not only essential to good health and a professional appearance but it's also a matter of safety. When you're working in an evironment with different chemicals around, keeping everything dry and free of liquids is important to prevent accidents, corrosive damage to tools, surfaces and even harm to workers. Absorbancy becomes the main factor when choosing the proper wipes or rags for keeping your workspaces clean and free of liquid waste and dangerous fluids.

Before these fluids have a chance to settle and seep into surfaces, it's far better to give them a quick pre-emptive wipe down to make later clean ups much simpler.

What Are the Best Applications for Specialty Rags?

Huck towels can be used in any environment where oil and grease are a constant. This makes a wide variety of applications perfect for 100% cotton huck towels. If you work in an auto shop or mechanic's garage, you're constantly dealing with oil and grease. Many internal and even external car parts are perpetually coated in oil. You even come away from a relatively tidy job and still find that both your mits are totally drenched and covered in oil. Huck towels are great for use on surfaces and parts that are coated with oil because of their extreme absorbancy - they suck up all the oil and grease very quickly. But, you can also use huck towels to wipe off the majority of oil from your own hands, and then use your usual oil-removing hand soap for excellent results.

Another great place to have a full box of 100% cotton huck towels is a restaurant kitchen. With the innumerable orders that go out during a normal night of service, stove tops, burners, prep surfaces and rolling stands can quickly become oily and greasy. You can simply pull a new, clean 100% cotton huck towel out of the box and start wiping away to quickly eliminate the majority of the cooking grease from cooking and prep surfaces, making a follow-up detail cleaning much easier and more effective. The best thing about 100% cotton huck towels is that they come in boxes of over 100, so you can have them stationed within easy reach so that you and your workers can grab a new huck towels whenever a new oily mess presents itself.

How Much You Can Expect to Pay for Good 100% Cotton Huck Towels.

Good 100% cotton huck towels can be found in bulk boxes that are ideal for businesses. Not only do you receive a significant discount when you buy your 100% cotton huck towels in bulk, you also get an easily reachable dispenser box that you can pull new hand towels out from as needed. Many companies that sell these bulk huck towels boxes charge about $110 per new box. If you order multiple boxes, most companies that manufacture these specialty cleaning rags will give you a slight break on their unit price.

This means big savings in the long term, since you can always use your new huck towels sparingly, and even wash them at home so they'll be ready for reuse. If you manage them carefully, you will only need to toss out used huck towels once they are so thoroughly that they begin to fray!

Mechanics love having a big box on hand - they can always grab a fresh one as the need arises and then go on with their other work.