Now that Christmas is near Inception looks to be a great gift to buy for Christmas especially since Amazon has special shipping offers to get it to your house in a jiffy. Its at $11.99 off its original price of $28.98 which is quite a big chunk of a discount and even if you miss their special delivery time their free standard shipping is 3-5 days so there is still time to get it in before Christmas comes around. This would be for the dvd or blu-ray edition, both of which are about the same price so if you have a blu-ray player you should get the blu-ray version which comes with a dvd as well as a digital version.

If you've not watched inception yet, then this may even be the must have movie for you to get for yourself and watch with someone else! Directed by Christopher Nolan, also famous for Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, it has been Nolan's secret pet project that has been slowly tinkered and refined upon over the past ten years and now finally makes it to the big screen. It has simple ideas in a complex plot, and you should watch it more than once.

Inception is a really good mind bender and wrings your mind through many jaw dropping moments. It has novel elements to it, and brings its own twists. The plot is convoluted but Nolan does his best to bring you through it slowly. So as not to spoil the long film's story I would not go into the deep and complex details of the script here. Suffice to say, the trailers and advertisements you have seen are not indicative of the real story at all.

It stars Leonardo Di Caprio as Dom Cobb, the lead and protaganist who organizes his dream team (literally and in the dreams), Saito the client of a giant corporation played by Ken Watanabe against Fischer played by Batman's scarecrow Cilian Murphy. In the dream team are Arthur, Joseph Gordon Levitt of 500 days of summer fame, Ariadne the architect who is better known as Ellen Page in Juno, Dileep Rao as a chemist and Tom hardy as the Forger. Their roles aren't really important and do not make much of an impact, save that of Arthur as a point man. His inception totem is a loaded die, to signify his role in attempting to lock down all variables.

The music is filled with BRHWWWOOOM, the sound played most often during the trailers, and you might be pleased to know that it actually has a purpose inside the actual movie. Things gets more and more complicated as time passes, and the ending is one that really will have you at the edge of your seat and waiting intently. If you've not already been 'spoiler-ed' by everyone out there, I will omit what happens at the end. It is quite the good movie, and probably the best to come out of 2010 making it fitting for a Christmas viewing and beyond in 2011. If you buy inception you probably will not regret it.