The Best Way to Buy the Insanity Workout Cheap Online

A Very Effective Total Body Workout

If you are looking to buy the Insanity workout cheap online, I'd recommend using  There are many reasons for this; the website is well known and has proven to be reliable, you can buy new or used versions of Insanity based on your price range, and there are also plenty of customer reviews that provide information for the consumer.  Those are the majority of the reasons why I was able to buy the Insanity workout cheap online.

Price of Insanity Workout DVDs
The Insanity workout can be bought on (affiliate link) for as low as $84.98.  The great thing about this online store is that new and used versions of Insanity are available.  If you're short on money, or just trying to get the best deal, then a used copy might be the way to go.  I bought a used version of p90x through Amazon 2 years ago for half of the price of a new copy, and I still use it to this day.  I've never had an issue with any of the disks and am very glad I made the purchase.  If you like the security of having a new copy of the product, then those are available as well.

When you buy the Insanity workout DVDs, you get the following:
*Complete set of 10 workout DVDs
*Nutrition guide
*Workout calendar

If you do purchase a used copy, you may want to verify with the seller that all of the products are included.  Also, this article will help those who want an in-depth review of the Insanity workouts.

Customer Reviews
Another reason I like shopping online through is because of the customer review section.  I think it's very helpful to read what others think, since they've actually bought the product.  It can really help you make an informed decision on whether to buy a product or not.  Currently, Insanity has a rating of 4.4 starts out of 5, which means the customers who have bought this product are very satisfied.

The decision to buy the Insanity workout cheap online (affiliate link) is the best option, and come to think of it, I'm not even sure if it's sold in stores.  The best deal I've found for is through Amazon, which is where I purchased my copy.  I can tell you that the workouts are very effective, as long as you stick with them, and you'll be impressed with the results.  They combine cardio with upper and lower bodyweight exercises (no weights involved), and all you need is a small space to do the exercises in.  It's a very effective total body workout.