Buy Insulated Shipping Boxes

Buy Insulated Shipping Boxes - Your Customers Will Thank You

From a company's perspective, shipping can be a tremendous pain in the butt. There are so many things that can go wrong - packages can be mishandled or dropped, shipments can be entirely lost or mis-sorted, and ever-grouchy customers are always ready to pounce on any mistake - be it real or perceived. Imagine, then, the special difficulty and stress involved in shipping items or food goods that are perishable and must be kept cold! Cold shipping is particularly difficult for smaller companies struggling to get off the ground, because they cannot easily afford specialty frozen delivery trucks or cold storage when they're not moving sufficient volume. Thankfully, you can buy insulated shipping boxes which drastically reduce the hassle involved in safely and effectively shipping cold or perishable items. Insulated shipping boxes can be purchased in bulk and kept on hand so that you can always ensure your cold items will reach your customers in pristine condition, without having to pay out most of your profits in speciality shipping fees.

Insulated Shipping Boxes Come in All Sizes

You can find insulated shipping boxes in many different sizes, though you will usually see these specialty boxes in square shapes. This is partly due to the ease of sealing up and ensuring that square boxes are well insulated - they are simply an easier shape of insulated shipping boxes to work with. If you are trying to pack and ship coffee beans, ice cream bars, fruit or other perishables, you can work with your own packaging in order to best arrange and stack your items inside of your insulated shipping boxes in order to achieve the best shipping efficiency. Insulated shipping boxes can also be easily stacked on top of one another in order to further maximize your space when it gets tight within your delivery truck.

If you are shipping your perishable goods only a short distance, you may well be able to use insulated shipping boxes on their own in order to ensure your cold goods reach their destinations in decent shape. Otherwise, in the case of long haul transports, you may want to use your insulated shipping boxes in conjunction with some other form of preservation, such as a chilled truck or various freezers that your perishable goods can be placed in while they are awaiting transfer at the various shipping hubs along their route.

What Are the Best Uses for Insulated Shipping Boxes?

Not only can food manufacturers and distributers benefit from insulated shipping boxes - they are ideal for safely shipping medical supplies as well. Certain medical supplies, such as plasma or blood, various medicines, and even certain pieces of equipment must be kept within a special lower temperature range in order to ensure they are not damaged or rendered ineffective. Insulated shipping boxes are therefore used for medical shipments, too. Whether you need to ship cartons or ice cream, fresh cuts of fish or beef, or medical supplies, you can find good use for insulated shipping boxes.

Insulated shipping boxes usually consist of two major parts - the interal insulating materials and the outer box or carton. The internal elements of insulated shipping boxes are specially designed to retain cold temperatures and prevent their contents from heating up in the course of transport. Meanwhile, the outer carton or cardboard box is made from heavy duty cardboard that is designed to resist crushing and other types of damage, so you can feel confident that the items you ship using insulated shipping boxes are well protected and chilled throughout their journey.

Although some small businesses are reluctant to fork out the extra cash for temp control containers, noting that they are considerably more expensive than regular packaging options, they very quickly begin to pay for themselves when you consider how much larger of a customer base you can reach simply by offering to mail your cold goods around the country or to other nearby countries. Cold shipping is far more possible than ever before, thanks to expedited delivery services and discount carriers that specialize in fast deliver times and constantly updated tracking methods. Your temp control containers can get from one side of the country to the other in less than a day if you are willing to foot the bill (or have your customers do it!)