Jasmine Body Oil - Best cheap Aromatherapy Oils For Sale

Jasmine body oil is one of the flourishing varieties of body oils being used today. It is also the most common use of the jasmine plant. Known for its confidence-boosting characteristics and several other health benefits, the sweet fragrance and slick feel of jasmine body oil is sure to make every massage experience just right.

Derived from Jasmine plants

This relaxing body oil is extracted from small white flowers of Jasmine plant with the botanical name, Jasminum officinalis. This herbal plant is famous for its warm, exotic and floral aroma and aphrodisiac properties.

The Jasmine plant produces night-blooming flowers and so they can only be hand-picked during night time when their tiny petals are tightly closed. The odor of jasmine is most powerful in the evening; hence, it is more strategic to harvest the flowers during the dark. After plucking, the flowers are then stored in a cool place. To extort the oil, the small star-shaped Jasmine flowers are steam-distilled or extracted by the labor-intensive method of enfleurage.

Extracting oil from Jasmine flowers is an intricate task and so it follows that voluminous amount of jasmine petals are needed to produce a small amount of oil. To spell it out, it takes 2200 lb of fresh Jasmine flowers to extract 2.2 lb of jasmine oil. That explains why jasmine oils are rare, extremely valuable and highly expensive.

Nevertheless, the benefits it gives to its user can substantiate the manufacturing process and the amount paid for.

Jasmine As body oil

Jasmine body oil makes the most of the healthful benefits of jasmine plant as it does not only assist in massage but also improves the skin's condition and a person's disposition. Used as body oil, jasmine can soften and moisturize the skin and can even delay a tan.

As it is rubbed on the skin as a skin healing cosmetic, the oil encourages cell growth and increases skin elasticity. It can also aid in the healing of minor to moderate burns and can be used to calm muscle spasms and sprains. Having anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, jasmine body oil can also cure any skin afflictions.

Health Benefits of Jasmine Body Oil

Containing huge amounts of etheric oil combined with benzilic acetate, linalcohol, benzilic alcohol, indole and jasmon, jasmine body oil take in aphrodisiac properties which makes it very popular across different cultures. It deeply relaxes the body, creating a pleasant and passionate moment, especially when applied under stress or nervous exhaustion.

Jasmine body oil contains esters, a relaxing chemical that calms the nervous system. It creates a sense of comfort and serenity when used in massage and even as aromatherapy candles or incense. Additionally, jasmine body oil has ketone which produces warm aroma, contributing to the body oil's therapeutic properties. This is why many people use jasmine body oil to help them sleep and relieve depression. It is also known to help increase mental alertness and incite the brain.

Aside from being a powerful aphrodisiac and anti-depressant, jasmine body oil is also sought after for its confidence boosting characteristics. It can dispel depression and can soothe the nerves by making the user feel more confident and positive. It is also a powerful antiseptic, sedative and tonic recommended for breathing difficulties, coughing and nervous debility.

Furthermore, jasmine body oil is believed to be good for women in labor. Since ancient times, jasmine oil has been used to fortify the contractions for a fast and safe delivery. It also equalizes the hormones of new mothers and eases anxiety. Since jasmine has a calming effect, it can also treat premature ejaculation and impotence in men.

Uses of jasmine body oil

Using jasmine body oil during a massage is the perfect way to use it. This is an effective way to help the person loosen up while enjoying its healing benefits.

You can also use jasmine body oil during a bath by adding a few drops in your bath to oil is to enjoy a relaxing aromatic bath. The intricate smell of can last for hours when spread over the skin, hence, shall enhance your mood and alleviate anxiety.

The exotic fragrance and notable health benefits of jasmine body oil provide relaxing effects, thus leading to absolute body relaxation. Aside from that, it also hoists the mood and help boost one's self confidence. Moreover, the health benefits it provides range from easing the process of child birth, relieving body pains, toning the skin and improving its elasticity to alleviating anxiety, laryngitis, mental tension, headache, cough, depression, labor pains, and sensitive skin. Jasmine body oil is a product that could help you relax and heal your body at the same time--- one we all ought to enjoy.