Koi Pellets and Koi Food

The Best Koi Food Reviewed - Koi Pellets, Hikari Koi Food and More!

Koi food comes in a variety of different styles, some being flakes and some being koi pellets. Many koi and aquarium enthusiasts prefer koi pellets when caring for and feeding their carp fish because using pellets is an easy way to gauge exactly how much you have fed your Japanese carp fish. This will help you to prevent overfeeding, which is not only a direct health problem for the fish but can also lead to contamination of the koi tank. When you overfeed your fish and they can't finish all the koi pellets, the excess will sink down and eventually lead to more organic trash and waste that builds up in your fish pond. You can avoid this situation by judiciously feeding your carp with koi pellets and being careful to never give them more than what they can finish in about five minutes of eating, as this general rule of thumb will help you to prevent a dirty fish pond. Some koi food manufacturers offer special koi pellets that are formulated to stimulate your fish's immune systems. This is important because the average fish pond is actually a more stressful environment health-wise than the natural water setting Japanese carp fish would inhabit in the wild. In guarding the health of your Japanese carp fish your goal is to boost their diet as best you can with concentrated foods that are packed with the right vitamins and minerals that will allow your fish to resist the stresses and diseases that can arise from living in an artificial koi pond.

Hikari Koi Food

Considered by many to be the holy grail of koi food and koi pellets, Hikari koi food is produced in Japan, where koi gardens are very popular. Hikari koi food is designed to be non-clouding, meaning that it will not fog up your koi pond or make it extra murky as some lesser quality koi pellets are wont to do. Professional grade Hikaro koi food is also specially designed to be as digestible as possible for your Japanese carp fish. This means your fish are better able to digest and use more of the food and therefore produce less fish waste as a result, which also gives your koi pond filters a break by reducing the amount of solid waste they need to process.

Hikari koi food is also valued for its ability to improve your Japanese carp fish's resistance to disease by boosting the immune system. A concentration of stabilized vitamin C help your koi fish to ward off disease. Vitamin C is also known to improve resistance to stress and reduce stress in general, which in turn reduces the incidence of gastrointestinal related illness and disease. Hikari koi food is available in several different packages designed to achieve different goals for your Japanese carp. One popular Hikari koi food blend, known as the growth diet koi pellet blend, is intended for use when the water in your koi pond is over 68 degrees fahrenheit. This blend features 40% crude protein and is designed to promote growth at rates unattainable with regular koi food blends. It's high protein content is balanced with complete carbohydrates to ensure optimal growth for large, healthy, colorful and beautiful Japanese carp fish.

Dainichi Koi Food - The Vitamin Sealing Specialists

Dainichi koi food is another popular and trusted Japanese koi food brand that is made using a special process designed to prevent delicate vitamins from being destroyed during the cooking process. Just as with human food that we cook, like meats, vegetables and beans, much of the valuable protein and vitamin sources are destroyed by the same searing flames we use to heat them. In order to prevent this same natural occurrence from diluting the nutritional potency of koi pellets they manufacture, Dainichi uses a special process wherein the first cook together the base ingredients in the koi food. Next, they add specially formulated vitamin and mineral coatings to the outside of their koi pellets in order to ensure they have the optimum levels of nutritional value at the moment they are being consumed by your Japanese carp fish. This is a clever way to ensure your Japanese carp fish are getting the fullest possible amount of the essential vitamins and minerals they need to maintain a healthy appearance, high resistance to stress, and the vibrant and beautiful colors that make koi such lovely fish to admire. Dainichi koi food is touted as being up to 90% digestible, leaving very little fish waste to strain your koi pond filters.

Sakura Koi Food

Sakura koi food is another specially blended koi pellets food source designed to deliver all the essential nutrients and minerals your Japanese carp fish needs to stay healthy and looking its best. Sakura koi food features high levels of Vitamin E which is important for a shiny and healthy appearance and fish scale health. Sakura koi food also features 40% protein, 12% spirulina, fibre at 2.8% as well as plenty of calcium and potassium for happy healthy Japanese carp fish. Sakura koi pellets float on top of your koi pond allowing your fish to quickly eat and obtain their essential nutrients while you gauge their overall feeding levels to prevent fish tank build up and excess organic waste.