Squash is an intense racket game that can put a beating on the body. Finding the right pair of ladies squash shoes is essential to maintaining comfort. If you pick the wrong pair of ladies squash shoes you run the risk of massive discomfort down the road. When you are picking out your footwear you need to understand your foot type and the kind of shoe that you need.

Squash requires a series of sharp cuts that are made quickly. If you play for any extended amount of Ladies Squash Shoestime you'll realize how important it is to have comfortable footwear. The combination of quality athletic socks and well supporting ladies squash shoes is vital.

How To Find The Right Ladies Squash Shoes

The shoes you select should be comfortable from the first time you put them on. There will likely be a breaking in period where a blister or two might pop up, but that is normal. You want a shoe that feels good the first time you put them on. The shoe will mold to your foot as you play more but if you aren't happy with a shoe initially, you'll likely never be happy with it.

The ladies squash shoe you choose needs to have a low profile. This means the top of the shoe should not rise above the ankle bone. When you're making sharp cuts low to the ground the bend in your ankle will take your lower calf outside your shoe quickly. You don't want a high top shoe that i will get in the way of these frequent movements.

When you have a shoe that is low profile it allows you to stay low to the ground. Staying low to the ground is an essential fundamental that should be maintained and mastered as you develop as a squash player. Having the wrong shoe can hurt your development as a player.

The material of the shoe is important. You want something that is soft enough to mold to your foot but supportive enough to prevent injury. Common sneaker leather does a decent job at this. There are mesh like materials that offer great breathability but might lack in support. Leather shoes are starting to be more breathable and you should be able to find a pair that are comfortable all around.

Where Can You Buy Ladies Squash Shoes?

If you are buying your first pair of ladies squash shoes you will likely want to find an offline store. This will give you an opportunity to try on multiple pairs and find what fits you best. If you go in to a local racket pro shop someone will be there with experience. They can help you get your questions answered. Having a real live person with a focused expertise can help you make a better decision.

If you have a pair of shoes you're happy with, you just need to find a replacement, I would suggest looking online. You don't need to worry about trying them on because you already know they're comfortable. You'll be able to find a better price. There are squash specific online retailers that carry a selection of ladies squash shoes.

How Much Do Ladies Squash Shoes Cost?

Ladies squash shoes cost the same as any pair of athletic. They are no more or less expensive. You can expect to pay anywhere between $40 and $100 depending on the pair you pick. I would suggest starting at the low end of the price spectrum then moving up as you start to learn what you need out of a pair of shoes. Spending too much off the bat is not necessary.

When you're picking out a pair of ladies squash shoes you need to know what is comfortable to you. Find an offline retailer with a helpful staff that can get you into the right pair of ladies squash shoes.