It is Easy To Buy The Acres of Land you Want Without Dealing With Banks

Owning a piece of America is every American's dream. To have your own acres of land that is yours and no one else's, where you can do what you want and be free to build a home and raise your family. Like owning a home, owning acres of land can get quite expensive and can be prohibitive for those who have little or no money and little or bad credit. Buying acres of  land for sale cheap online is the answer for many people. Whether you are rich and have a lot of money to spend but do not want to be caught up in bank loan red tape or whether you do not have a lot of money but still want a piece of this great American Dream. Buying land for sale cheap online is possible for anyone. There are many places online like Billyland where you can buy land for sale cheap, however, there are two that are very trustworthy.


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Buying Land Acres  and Land Lots on Ebay

You can get just about anything on Ebay, and buying affordable land acres is no exception. I have purchased several acres of beautiful, fertile land in Maine and Missouri off Ebay.The process is a simple as winning the bid for the total selling price or for the down payment. You have open communication with the seller of the property and in many cases, can arrange to meet with the selling of the property either before the bidding ends and or after you have won the bid. If the bid is for a down payment, then you pay on the land with interest just like you would if you went through a bank only without all the credit check and large down payment issues. You deal only with the owner/seller of the property and no one else.

Buying Acres of Land  and Land Lots on Bid4Assets

Bid4assets works similarly to Ebay. It is an auction/bidding site where you can buy just about anything. Your agreement is between you and the seller. There are other sites, but as far as I know these are the two most trustworthy with better protection for the consumer.

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Examples  of Land Acres on Ebay

Here is an example of the kind of acres of land you'll find on Ebay.  This ad is for 30 acres of land in Texas starting bid at $4, 000 and here are the terms:

"You are bidding the FULL price of  a 30 acre ranch located just outside Pecos Tx.  This auction is NOT for the down pmt .. Winning bidder get the land  for the price of the winning bid . Located north-west of Pecos Texas , this land is easy to get to but far enough away that you have privacy and quiet spaces . Go to pecos tx and drive west on IH 20  for about 3 miles . Turn right on Ranch Road 2119 and drive 9 miles . Your Land is located just about one mile to the east off a two track road .  The views and wildlife are stunning !  This land was going to be the site for my dream home . But health has changed plans and now I need to sell it . Use the land for ANYTHING you desire .  Build your dream home , put out a feeder and hunt , enjoy the quiet bountiful views and open spaces . Many species of wildlife have been seen on the land . Deer , coyote ,quail,dove , rabbit, and many more ...  Several water tanks and sandy lake are near by . This is truely an amazing property .I have seen Properties of this size in the area have sold for between 18000-50000+ ."

when you go to ebay just type in "Texas acres", or "California acres", or "Arizona acres", "Wyoming acres," "Montana acres" and so forth. Whatever state you are looking to buy cheap land just put in that state and the word "acres." The land sales are usually under "categories", "real estate" and "land" to also find land acres for sale.

Always make sure you read carefully before you bid and make sure the terms are acceptable to you. Your bid is a binding contract so be very sure you want to enter into the contract before you bid. You do not want to waste your time or the seller's time. You also do not want to put your account and reputation in jeopardy. You can by land for cheap online through these sites. You can even buy houses for sale cheap through these sites. You may have to relocate, but you will be following your dream of owning your piece of the American pie.

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