Releasing butterflies at a wedding ceremony is a special, yet unique way of celebrating the love you have for each other.

You no longer have to try and capture your own butterflies to release at the wedding. You can buy live, pre-packaged butterflies that are healthy and ready to take flight. You can order live butterflies specially packaged in pretty boxes that are specifically designed for wedding ceremonies.

Your wedding guests will remember for a long time you special wedding because they can be involved of the releasing of butterflies.

Cost of Live Butterflies for Wedding Ceremonies

The costs of buying live butterflies will cost you about $90-$100 per dozen. You can buy cheaper live butterflies if you are looking to buy more. If you want to buy 8 or more dozen of live butterflies to release at your wedding then you can save even more money per dozen.

Where Can I Buy Live Butterflies?

There are many websites online where you can find live butterflies for sale that are designed for special occasions such as weddings. One of the more popular and reputable firms for buying live butterflies online is

By ordering you butterflies from a reputable firm you can make sure that you do not inure the butterflies or kill them. If you send the kids out to catch butterflies with a net then butterflies will probably be harmed or killed and you don't want to release dead butterflies at your wedding. Save the dead butterflies for the divorce proceedings.

Live Butterflies

By purchasing live butterflies from a reputable and ethical company you will be much better off. By using a reputable company to purchase live butterflies form you can ensure that your live butterflies will arrive on time for your wedding. You can also feel good about your live butterfly purchase because your butterflies will arrive safe, healthy, alive, and they will be gorgeous.

What Type of Butterflies Will I Receive When I Buy Live Butterflies Online?

You can receive a wide variety of butterflies depending on which live butterfly company you order from, but the only type of butterfly you will receive from a reputable company are Monarch butterflies.

Monarch butterflies are larger than the other types of butterflies. If you want the best bang for your buck when ordering butterflies online then you need to verify with the company that you will be receiving Monarch butterflies and not some other type of butterfly.

Other uses For Live Butterflies

You can use Live Butterflies for a wide variety of events.

Live Butterflies at Weddings

Weddings tend to be the most popular reason people order live butterflies.

Live Butterflies at Funerals

Releasing live butterflies at funerals is also a trend that is popular in some regions.

More Uses for Live Butterflies

You can keep you cat entertained for hours with a dozen live butterflies released inside of your house. At $10.00 per butterfly it can get expensive if the cat is a good hunter.

Buying Live Butterflies is a way to help memorialize your wedding for and help you to cherish the special moment forever…as long as you don't get divorced.