A New Look For My Kitchen

I recently decided to change how my kitchen counter top looks by adding a low price kitchen canister set. I’m not cheap by any means; it’s just that I didn’t believe something small like this was deserving of a large cash outlay. I had gotten tired of having all that unused space on my counter, and I thought a new set of canisters for the kitchen might be just the thing to punch it up a bit. 

Kitchen Canisters For Sale

After a short search, I located a site that had just the information I needed. The usual articles concerning the different types of kitchen canisters that were available on the market were there, but there was more too. There was one article in particular that I thought was exactly the sort of information that I needed to choose just the right set of canisters. It was called “kitchen canisters for sale.” 

Kitchen Canisters Coupon Code

It had links to online stores where I could find the lowest prices. There was even a coupon code for one of the stores that saved me even more money. But the information that I found to be the most help was information that I had not even realized I needed. Funny how that works sometimes.

About Colors and a Horror Story

Two bits of information that I found to be especially worthwhile were about color matching, and something called the kitchen work triangle. Color matching was great because I really don’t have an eye to know what colors go with what. As an example, in my younger days I once wore a paisley print shirt with striped pants. I thought I was a sartorial splendor. Unfortunately, I was the only one who thought so. It’s hard being laughed at…all day long. So anyway, this article pointed me to a site with a color wheel, and information about choosing colors that go together. It was a Godsend.

The Kitchen Work triangle

The next bit, about the work triangle was new to me. It linked to an article that explained that by arranging the most used areas of the kitchen in a triangle, you could create the most efficient kitchen design possible. It’s the new working theory of kitchen design.

In Which I Buy Low Price Kitchen Canisters

Armed with my new information about how to choose the best colors to match my kitchen and where to place things, I used the online store links along with that coupon code I mentioned earlier and was able to buy low-priced kitchen canisters that matched my kitchen décor and pout that empty counter space to good use.