Shop for Made in the USA Products

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Made in the USA - this is a proud label that we need to look for whenever we are considering a purchase. We, the citizens of this grand country, should endeavor to buy as many products as possible that have been made here. Choose products that are made by our relatives, our neighbors, and our fellow citizens. Help to make the USA stronger, and support our hardworking workers by buying the products they manufacture. Take the time to compare products, looking for Made in the USA on product labels.

Make a game of it; have your children help you look for products that carry that proud statement. It will instill in them a sense of patriotic pride to help the USA by selecting products Made in the USA.

Each time you shop, add fifteen minutes to your planned grocery shopping time. Look for products, add these to your list of brands to buy, and use this list in the future. In the produce aisle, look for signs stating that the produce is a Product of the USA.

When shopping in your office supply store, look for tape, envelopes, paper, etc., which have been manufactured in this country, by our citizens.

For the home, purchase pots and pans, glassware, dishes, household equipment and furnishings that carry the Made in the USA label. They are not always easy to find, but there are products available that carry this proud logo.

Check health and beauty aisles for band-aids, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, makeup, etc. that have been manufactured in our country. Look on your over the counter drug labels to see where they were made. Also, ask the pharmacist where your prescription drugs were manufactured.

Shop home and garden stores, and compare labels there, too. With a little bit of extra effort, you can find the item(s) you need that have been made in the USA. If building materials are not marked, ask the store manager to look up where the product was made.

Look for Made in the USA labels on the clothing you are purchasing for your family.

Remember to check for the Made in the USA label when shopping for gifts and toys, too. Also, check your pet's toys for this label.

When looking to purchase that new car, look for one that is assembled in the United States by American workers. Even if its headquarters are in another country, and some of the profits are returned to that country, being assembled here will offer jobs, benefits and salaries to Americans. When you purchase that new car, you will have given Americans employment and a piece of the profit.

To help you in your search, look online for a list of products that are made in the USA, and help our country and economy grow stronger.