A growing trend in today’s society is the art of frugality and the ability to save in every area of life. Of course being frugal is in no way a new concept there have always been and always will be those that go to extremes to save. One group of people that are historically known for being frugal are farmers and that is no different today. The only real difference is that majority of people no longer have family farms and don’t consider themselves farmers. But a lot of people do consider themselves gardeners and still have a family garden or even two which by the way is an excellent way to save and it is no accident that most frugal people also garden. Most gardeners are very careful about the amount of money they put into their gardening knowing the less they spend the more beneficial their garden is at saving them money. There are lots of ways to save money while gardening which will no doubt be covered in many articles here at Info Barrel but this article will only touch on one and it has more to do with the preserving of your harvest than on the gardening itself. Something every gardener needs are jars for preserving their harvest and the bigger your garden the more jars you need and that is where this article will help. In it you will find out some of the best places you can go to find Mason, Ball and other wholesale canning jars wholesale.

Where to Find Mason Jars Wholesale

Finding mason jars at wholesale prices may seem easy to some but for others it maybe a little more difficult especially if for those looking for extremely large quantities. Most generally the best place to look for the best price on what ever it is you are looking for is on the internet and mason canning jars are no different. One of the first sites worth looking at is Nextag.com. At first glance you may wonder why but when you understand that Nextag is a price shopper dream you will use it all the time. Simply type in mason jars or what ever it is you looking for in their search box and hit enter. Then the site will pull up a huge list of different types of mason jars and where you can buy them and for how much. This greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to search for the best prices.

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Using Nextag can be very helpful but this doesn’t mean you should stop looking if really want a good deal this is just a good place to get a base price. To get true wholesale prices your best bet is to look for a wholesaler that specializes in canning jars. That’s were this site come into play Goodmans.net, Fillmorecontainer.com, Dollardays.com and Shorecontainer.com. Each of these sites carry a vast array of canning jars and lids. Take a look at each one and have a price for exactly what you want quoted by them and then see if you can get a better price by asking for a price match. A few tips ask if they have large quantity discounts and always have the shipping included in your quote, if they have free shipping all the better. Good luck and happy canning.