Medicated Lip Balm

Medicated Lip Balm helps prevent dryness, chapping and cracking of lips. Go for an easy glide-on formula that also soothes irritated, burnt lips.

Medicated lip balm provides relief to chapped, cracked lips by healing and soothing them. Menthol and camphor are the healing agents found in most medicated lip balms. There are many brands of medicated lip balms available, but the differences between them can be found in the strengths and types of the added ingredients used. Choosing the best medicated lip balm requires you to consider your needs, personal preferences and your life style. So for example, you might want to choose one which doesn't give you any allergic reactions or one which contains sunscreen.

The Healing Ingredients

Menthol and camphor are the two therapeutic ingredients used in treating chapped lips. Menthol works as an analgesic that eliminates the pain which comes with having chapped lips. It produces a cooling sensation that soothes raw, tender skin. Camphor is used mostly for skin problems and contains antiseptic properties which can heal cold sores.

Aloe is known for healing wounds and burns, but can also moisturize and soothe the skin. Clove oil contains disinfecting and antiseptic properties. These two ingredients are seldom found in lip care products.

When you're searching for the best medicated lip balm, take a close look at the ingredients. They're usually divided between "active" and "inactive" ingredients. The lip products which give out the best results have all the medical elements found on the "active" list.

For those who easily get sunburned, choose a lip balm with sunscreen. The one with an SPF (sun protection factor) of 15 can filter up to 92% of the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Medicated sports balms are also available for athletes and people who spend a great deal of time outdoors. They have a higher SPF number which can filter more harmful rays coming from the sun. Some are water resistant and are designed to protect against the wind and as well as hot and cold weather.

Medicated lip balms are also available in the same flavors as regular ones meaning you can still enjoy the perks offered by ordinary lip balms.

How to Soothe Chapped Lips

Chapped lips are caused from a lack of moisture. Chapped lips can be very painful. They can peel, crack and bleed. Many people who suffer from chapped lips have a habit of licking their lips frequently, actually making the problem worse. When you wet your lips and the moisture evaporates, it actually pulls more moisture out of your lips, not just the moisture on the surface of your lips. Cold weather makes chapped lips worse too, which is why chapped lips seem to be more common in the winter.

Step 1. Use petroleum jelly. Wet your lips with water before applying petroleum jelly.

Step 2. Use lip balm. Stay away from the flavored type of lip balms. The flavoring used can actually tempt you to lick it, and make your chapped lips worse. Choose bees wax based ones.

Step 3. Use Sun Protection. Avoid sun exposure, use a high SPF sunscreen made especially for lips.

Step 4. Do not lick your lips.

Step 5. Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. Dehydration is one of the main causes of chapped lips. Pay attention to how much water you drink. You may think you are getting enough, but most people don't. You need 8 eight ounce glasses of water per day. Add more water to your day when you exercise.


Proper care of your body and lips will aid in healing and preventing chapped lips in the future. Now that you know lip balm is great for soothing cold sore and chapped lips, did you know that the camphor and menthol in these products could soothe many other ailments as well?

You can use your medicated lip balm for other ailments when you're in a pinch, such as when you're travelling.

You can do these First Aid measures with Medicated Lip Balm:

  1. Use on Small Cuts: After bleeding and cleansing the area, apply medicated lip balm over the cut to soothe it and protect it from harmful bacteria.

  2. Use on Itches: Smear it on and allow the menthol and camphor to distract you and soothe that annoying itch. Exercise self restraint, avoid scratching.

  3. Use for Hemorrhoids: Pain in the butt? Squeeze a tube of medicated lip balm into the rectal area to soothe it, and also help heal bleeding.

  4. Use it for Sore Eyes: When pink eye strikes, it can be a very contagious and irritating. Help it heal by applying some medicated lip balm.

  5. Use for a Stuffy Nose: Allergies or colds make breathing difficult. Lightly coating the inside of the nostril helps the nose to unclog with the help of its vapors, helping you to breathe freely.

  6. Use on Blisters: New shoes? Went hiking? Applying some lip balm on the contact points, even if they're not blistering yet. Allowing the feet to air out and keep them dry while resting.

  7. Use for Jammed Jewelry: Free up your precious accessories with a small amount of lip balm. Apply some above and below a tight fitting ring to give it the lubrication it to come off.

  8. Use for Jammed Zippers: Whether on you dress, trousers or luggage, smearing medicated lip balm over the tracks can help get zippers unstuck.

  9. Use for Burns: For immediate relief, try toothpaste, then apply medicated lip balm an hour after the burn has occurred. Do not apply immediately after a burn.

  10. Use for Scalds: Coffee too hot? Scald your tongue? Dry the tongue and apply some balm to the affected area. Do this regularly until it's healed.

  11. Use for Sores: Canker sores got you cranky? Take it easy, just put on some lip balm.

  12. Use for Tattoos: Ink allergy? Lip balm covers fresh tattoos and helps treat the normal reactions. Apply lightly so that it doesn't absorb your ink.

  13. Use for Piercing: New studs? Apply a thin layer around the piercing.

  14. Use for Eyebrows: Soothe plucked eyebrows with a light application.

  15. Use for the Bikini Areas: Got waxed out? Got Razor Burn? Soothe the skin around recently waxed or razor burned skin with medicated lip balm.

We won't extol the virtues of a good lip balm without reason. But they're too many to ignore. Remember, these other uses are situations where medicated lip balm is a worthy alternative -for serious medical conditions, it's always proper to see a doctor.