Wearing your fan hood is a true sign of loyalty and commitment. You're happy to do it and if anyone questions your dedication you might go to the offensive real quick. Wearing a sharp mesh football jersey can be a great way to show where your loyalties lay. The difference between mesh and cotton is in the authentic look. Finding a mesh football jersey that fits your budget might be easier than you think.

Why Buy a Mesh Football Jersey?

Wearing a cotton jersey doesn't quite do your loyalty justice. When you're a fan you're a part of the team. Players, coaches and personnel all embrace how important the fans are to their organization. Besides the fact that they Mesh Football Jerseyssupport them financially, fans can have an influential impact on the path an organization takes.

If you want to become a respected "member" of the organization as a fan, you have to look like you mean it. Wearing a mesh football jersey makes you look much more like a member of the team. A cotton jersey that looks like its only trying to be a jersey and actually isn't one won't do you justice.

The mesh football jersey is much more durable. You'll be able to withstand any kind of rough housing you, your friends or your kids like to do during an intense game of football. You could even wear it out for that super serious, maybe too serious, game of flag football you play every Sunday morning. You won't need to worry about it ripping, stretching or getting a hole poked in it easily. That's not to say it is indestructible however.

Where can you buy them?

You'll want to look at all the major online retailers for a mesh football jersey. The first places you should look are eBay, nfl.com and amazon.com. Each of these retailers has pros and cons to buying from them. You may have to be weary of authenticity from eBay, nfl.com might be the most expensive and amazon.com may not carry exactly what you're looking for.

If you are not concerned about authenticity and you just want a good deal on your mesh football jersey, you should browse eBay. You'll be able to find a wide variety of auctions and you'll probably find the exact jersey you're looking for. EBay however does not police their auctions to ensure what people are selling is authentic. If whether the jersey is officially licensed or not doesn't concern you, eBay is a good choice.

You can get speedy deliver and officially licensed apparel from nfl.com. You'll be directly supporting the league, helping to make it better by purchasing your apparel from them. Not that the billion dollar mammoth needs any assistance, but you can contribute to the growth of the game. You can be sure the apparel you purchase is authentic and officially licensed if you buy it from nfl.com however.

If you want to find a good deal that eBay or nfl.com doesn't have to offer, you should check out amazon.com. They don't police the authenticity, but they don't allow users to post items making claims of authenticity if they aren't.

How Much Do Mesh Jerseys Cost?

Where you buy the jersey ultimately decides how much you'll pay. If you buy the mesh jersey from nfl.com you can expect to pay $75 and up. Amazon will have some jerseys for between $40 and $75. EBay really depends on a number of factors but you might happen to come across some great deals that are lower than any of the above stated prices.

Mesh football jerseys are made up of a combo between elastic and cotton. They stretch more, are more durable and they are more representative of the jerseys NFL players wear on Sunday.

Traditionally fans that wear the jersey of their favorite player are wearing mesh. You can find mesh football jerseys for al of your favorite NFL stars, rookies and role players by visiting your teams own website. You might even be able to land a cool throw back uniform of NFL superstars of the past.

Your fan hood is something you take seriously. How you express it and what you where to show it should work the same way. Wearing a cotton football jersey just isn't the same. It doesn't' make you a part of the team. The only way you can truly show your fan hood and become a welcomed part of the team is by wearing a mesh football jersey.